The AHA Class at The Hive, Penzance - Paldywan Kenobi

Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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The AHA Class at The Hive, Penzance

The AHA Class
with Paldywan Kenobi

A deep, high and wide-ranging series of talks
at The Hive, Penzance, Cornwall.

In the Aha Class I share my insights into many things you'll probably have thought about but never fully understood.
Along the way we'll cover earth energies, planetary healing, death and rebirth, extraterrestrials, history, megaliths, crop formations, meta-politics, life, the universe, how we got into this mess, how we might get out of it, and a few other things like that.
I have a way of bringing these things to life, speaking from lived experience, not books, websites and courses.
AHA Classes in 2024
For updates, enquiries and booking: The Golden Thread.
The order of these themes is not settled yet.

Weds 11th September, Weds 9th October
Weds 13th November and Weds 11th December 2024
Booking starts in late August.

Changing the World
The deeper, wider stuff around activism, working for justice, changing society, planetary healing, resolution and nudging things along, in any and all of the spheres of activity we might choose to work in, local or global. It's about playing our part in change and the unfolding of history. This is not a simple how-to talk: it addresses real-life questions concerning personal risk, life-purpose, commitment, psycho-emotional issues, burn-out, energy-management, holding true to your core beliefs, and tricks for getting through. I have done decades of work in community and social activism, planetary consciousness work and working in conflict zones, with feet in both the political and spiritual camps. This is about helping the world as part of our spiritual path, fulfilling the Great Work of the soul - and about the toughest part, making it a life's work and staying with it over time. This might interest you: Palden's humanitarian work.

Peak Periods: Power Points in Time and History
As an astrologer, my speciality has been time-cycles - quicker cycles of the Moon, Sun and planets and slower cycles of the outer planets and of history. Ancient Britons worked with time - especially its peak moments - and, in our own era, as conscious people seeking to assist planetary breakthrough, we need to be aware of the way that time moves and the patterns of its waves. And how do ideas, beliefs and cultural trends weave their ways through time and history? If we're going to survive and thrive into the future, we have a lot of deep-historic issues to address! It's all a matter of time. Harmonising with the tides of time is a key part of harmonising nature, the climate and human society. You don't have to understand astrology to benefit from this evening, since responding to peak periods is an intuitive thing. But a little astrological knowledge about fullmoons, quarter-points and planetary line-ups does help, and this talk will fill you in on how it all works. See: Living in Time and, if longterm cycles of history interest you, try The Historical Ephemeris. Time is what stops everything from happening all at once - and this is what living on Earth is all about.

Penwith's Ancient Sites
Why did ancient Penwithians bother to build so many quoits, stone circles and cairns? What was their thinking and what were they harnessing? Here I propose that Penwith acted as a big energy-generator for the balancing, maintenance and enhancement of Mother Earth - and that the ancient sites were built precisely for this. They were power points in space cranked up during power points in time, for some really important purposes. Following on from my June talks on Penwith's magical landscape, I go further into the sacred technology of Neolithic and Bronze Age Penwithians. Worth looking at: Ancient Penwith Picture Tour. Also see the recording and maps from one of the June talks, here.

Extraterrestrials and Earthlings
Ah yes, that one - that question that most people avoid. I have had various kinds of contact with ETs over time, and they're part of my spiritual genetics. This might be the case for you too. I had a close encounter at age 22 in Wales, , followed by a series of metaphysical experiences, and in the 1990s-2000s I was deeply involved in crop circle research. In 1992 I wrote a book on behalf of some cosmic beings, the Council of Nine, who oversee the activities of many kinds of ETs and MDIs (multidimensional intelligences), including us. I will share a fascinating overview of the ET situation, on why we're all here, what Planet Earth is here for, why ETs have spindly legs and how none of us started our soul-journey here on Earth. So fasten your safety belts for a multi-dimensional ride! Here's a taster: The Only Planet of Choice. Here's something about crop formations too.
As an old veteran, now with cancer, I've had a full life and wish to pass on some trade secrets before I go. The AHA Class is likely to continue for as long as there is interest or as long as I can continue - whichever comes first!
Already done and gone...
The Magical Landscape of Ancient Penwith
Weds 12th and 19th June 2024
About the ancient sites of West Penwith. I shared my discoveries and showed how Penwith is one big ancient site, with all sorts of components - stone circles, menhirs, cairns, quoits and enclosures. I proposed that it was a high-level magical-shamanic energy-generator, involving the whole landscape. I showed how it evolved, what the ancients of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages were seeking to achieve, and how it worked. I have come to this after fifty years' research into ancient sites, the last fifteen of them in Penwith. I have mapped its sites and the geomantic alignments system in Penwith, going into realms where archaeologists usually do not tread. It's about the earth energy, people energy and cosmic energy that the ancients worked with in the megalithic era. Click here for maps and a recording of this talk.
Palden Jenkins
Useful material

Maps, diagrams, pics, links and recordings of AHA talks given thus far

So who is this guy?

I'm a Sixties veteran who’s still at it - a Virgo born in 1950 and officially a retired cancer patient, though still at it. Originator of the camps movement, an astrologer, historian, geomancer, circle-worker, Palestine peacebuilder, author and webmaster. Over a half a century's work, a stickler like me gets through a quite a lot of stuff and bothering! And the same might apply to you.

Once quite central in the alternative community in Glastonbury, I now live on an organic farm near St Just in Penwith. I've been involved with psychedelics, Tibetan Lamas, inner work, ETs, ancient sites, crop formations, holistic education, peacemaking, string-pulling, social healing and word-weaving. Stuff like that.

Palden, shagged out at Boscawen-un
Bone marrow cancer, surfacing in 2019, changed everything, taking me to the edge and turning life into an uphill climb. Grounded by partial disability, I've been producing yardages of verbiage and podcasts instead.

Notes from the Far Beyond is my blog and Pods from the Far Beyond are my podcasts, and recent books include a cancer book, Blessings that Bones Bring and Shining Land, about Penwith's ancient sites. I do remote humanitarian work (Palestine, Mali and Ghana) and run a weekly online meditation.

When doing a talk I don't work to a script and don't repeat myself. Everyone receives something special for them. If you seek something that goes a bit deeper, wider and further, along paths less travelled, please come.

Palden, feeling lively at Goldherring
It’s a chance to see things in new ways and gain a few clues about the next level. It's a kind of passing on of something. It lights me up to do it. For a cancer patient, that is a kind of medicine. So thanks for that.

The top photo is a selfie and the lower two are by Lynne Speight.

Thanks to Maria Stay at The Hive for organising and hosting these events - magic!
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