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Palden's Archive of former work


Palden's Archive
of past works and projects

This is an archive of past work that I have done. It includes samples of my radio programmes, past articles and writings, examples of past websites I've built and projects I have carried out.

Also, look at the books section on this site, as well as the photo library.

Someone said I ought to write an autobiography. That idea doesn't light me up. I've written a brief one here though. So this archive of past material will do the trick instead - I've done a lot of output over the years, and this is a fair sample.

Radio Programmes
About a series of radio programmes I made in 2007-08 for Glastonbury Radio, called This is the Light Programme. A few of these three-hour programmes are available for download.

Map of the Ancient Landscape
around Glastonbury

This was re-published in 2003, the second edition of a map I drew and published in 1982, showing the power centres, leylines and ancient coastline around Glastonbury

Past Websites
I have been building websites since the early days in 1996. This is an archive of selected sites I've done. Most of them have now been superseded by newer online versions - things have moved fast on Internet.

The Historical Ephemeris
Astrological tables, timelines and articles about cycles of history and the motions of the planets over a 2,500 year period.

Archive of Articles
A selection of articles written during the 1990s and 2000s, on geopolitics, history, crop formations and other items of interest

Hundredth Monkey Project
A project I ran in the mid-1990s using meditation and group process to address the inner elements behind world events

Healing the Hurts of Nations
A book on deep geopolitics, published in 2003 - this online version is an abbreviated edition

Two screensavers of pictures by Palden:
The Glastonbury Screensaver
The Bluebell Screensaver

Here is a selection of most of the books I have written, some of which are available free on this site.

The Archive of Palden Jenkins
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