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Configurations 2 | Empire Period 83 BCE - CE 412


Historical Ephemeris

Historical Ephemeris
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Configurations  83 BCE - CE 412
Neptune-Pluto cycle 2

During this time we see the zenith of imperial Rome and Han China, the rise of Christianity, the growth of Sassanid Persia, Gupta India, imperial Japan and Teotihuacan in Mexico, the beginnings of migrations from Central Asia into Europe and South Asia, and the massing of the German Volk.

Neptune conjunct Pluto 84-83 BCE
Battle for the future of Rome (civil war); zenith in Armenia; collapse of Parthia; reform in imperial China; expansion of the Germans (Suevi and others); Hopewell culture, Ohio; stability and trade across Asia

Uranus conjuct Pluto 70-69 BCE
Reforms & liberalisation in Rome (Pompey & Crassus); Suevi Germans invade Gaul; Rome spreads into Middle East; Arawak people of Venezuela occupy Caribbean islands

Uranus conjunct Neptune 62-61 BCE
Founding of Florence; founding of state of Silla, Korea; rise of Julius Caesar; Romans conquer Syria & Palestine; Parthians block Romans in Armenia

Uranus square Pluto 44-43 BCE
Julius Caeser dictator of Rome; cultural upswing in Rome, now controlling Mediterranean world; growth of Korean kingdoms

Uranus opposition Pluto 6 BCE - CE 1
Pax Augusta - stability across Roman empire; Rome trades with India; birth of Jesus (5-6 BCE) - dawn of Christian era; end of Early Han dynasty in China, rise of reformer Wang Mang

Uranus opposition Neptune 22-26 CE
Later Han restoration in China; teaching ministries of John the Baptist & Jesus; growth of Kushans; zenith of Mochica culture, Peru

Uranus square Pluto 40-42 CE
Roman invasion of Britain & Morocco; St Paul & missionaries - founding of early Christian churches; Cluadius, Roman emperor; Sinification of Annam (Vietnam); Goths invade Ukraine; growth of Axum (Ethiopia)

Uranus square Neptune 62-65 CE
British & Jewish revolts against Rome; suppression & growth of Christianity; Rome burns - Nero; growth of Kushan empire, C Asia; Buddhism enters China from Afghanistan; rise of Funan (Cambodia)

Uranus conjunct Pluto 74 CE
Chinese expansion into C Asia/Turkestan - nomads stirred; destruction of Jerusalem by Romans, last stand of Jewish zealots at Masada; completion of Roman invasion of Britain; Kanishka, Kushan emperor in Peshawar, India; Vespasian exerts control in Rome

Neptune square Pluto 88-92 CE
Stirring of Hsiung-Nu (Huns) in Asia by wars between Mongols & with Chinese; cultural zenith & expansion of Later Han (to 160); Silk Roads open - Eurasian trade; stability across Eurasia in China, Kushan and Rome (peak of age of empires); Tairona culture, Colombia

Uranus conjunct Neptune 110-111
Roman empire at greatest extent; relative peace and prosperity in Eurasia; rise of Tiahuanacu, Mexico; Sanskrit kgdm of Ujjain, W India

Uranus opposition Pluto 127-129
Jewish revolt against Rome - defeat and diaspora of Jews; Tibetans harass China; peasant revolts in China; zenith of Kusham empire (N India & C Asia); Hadrian, the travelling emperor; Jewish Bar Kochba rebellion against Rome

Uranus square Neptune 149-151
Roman empire centralised (Antonine emperors); internal dissension in China, wars with Mongols & Tibetans; building of Pyramid of Sun at Tiahuanacu

Uranus square Pluto 156
Neptune opposition Pluto 163-67
Weakening of Later Han state, China; wars between Parthia & Rome in Iraq & Marcomanni wars against German tribes; smallpox plague in Roman empire - economic decline; 'Crisis in Ancient World' begins; dawn of Anasazi & Mogollon cultures, Arizona; Mochica metalworking period, Peru; rejection of Gnosticism in early Christian church

Uranus conjunct Pluto 185-86
Yellow Turbans uprising in China - warlordism; risings in Britain, N Africa and Italy against Rome; instability & unsurgency widespread across Eurasia

Uranus opposition Neptune 194-97
Civil war & regionalisation of Roman empire, followed by reforms; Bishop of Rome becomes dominant amongst Christian bishops; insecurity, puppet emperor in China; rise of Champa kgdm, S Vietnam; rise of popular Taoism in China; expansion of Hsiung-Nu conquests in C Asia

Uranus square Pluto 212-13
Collapse of southern Maya city-states, Mexico; Rome - universal empire, less centred on Rome; expansion of Germans/Goths in E Europe; seeds of Persian Sassanid empire; end of Later Han, division in China

Uranus square Neptune 235-37
End of civilian govt in Rome, empire harried by Goths & others from north; Sassanids expand into Bokhara & Afghanistan; decline of Kushan empire; imperial Japan consolidates

Uranus opposition Pluto 256-62
Barbarians (Franks, Allemani & Suevi) invade NW Europe & Spain; Gaul, Britain & Belgium declare independence of Rome; Persians capture Roman emperor; growth of Manichaeism in Persia; Christian church accepted in Roman empire; rise of Palmyra (Jordan)

Uranus conjunct Neptune 281-82
Order restored in Rome, empire divided East & West (roots of Byzantium); birth of Christian monastic tradition; growth of mayan high culture, Yucatan; China temporarily reunified by Ch'in

Uranus square Pluto 295-97
Breakup of N China; reorganisation of Roman empire; friction between Rome & Persia; Pallava dynasty, Madras, S India; Britain most prosperous part of Roman empire; Armenia adopts Christianity; classical Mayan period; Polynesian explorations in Pacific (Rapa Nui)

Uranus square Neptune 321-24

Uranus conjunct Pluto 328
Hsiung-Nu dominate N China, division of China into N & S dynasties; foundation of Vedic Gupta empire, India (zenith of Hindu culture); Japanese ascendancy; Constantine reunites Roman empire; Constantine & Christian church - Council of Nicaea; decline of city of Rome as Roman capital; building of Constantinople (future Byzantine capital); growth of Hohokam culture, zenith of Anasazi & Mogollon cultures, N America; Zoroastrianism becomes state religion in Persia; Vasubandhu sets out Theravada Buddhist philosophy
Neptune square Pluto 336-40
Roman empire divided in two (Latin & Greek spheres); monasticism enters Europe; Ethiopia becomes Christian; Hsiung-Nu (Huns) start moving west

Uranus square Pluto 357-58
Hsiung-Nu harry Persia; overthrow of Meroe by Axum (Ethiopia); Japan conquers Korea; rise of the Franks in Belgium

Uranus opposition Neptune 365-68
Composition of Christian Bible & Hindu Brahma Sutra (Vedantas); first Buddhist mission in Tibet; Hsiung-Nu invade Ukraine; beginning of European decline into 'Dark Ages'

Uranus opposition Pluto 381-82
Expansion & classical era of Tiahuanacu; Barbarian migrations in Europe (Völkerwanderung), Visigoths storm the Balkans; Toba Tatars reunify much of N China; expansion of Gupta kgdm in N India; final division of Roman empire, partial withdrawal from Britain

Neptune conjunct Pluto square Uranus 407-412
Rome sacked by Visigoths; Roman withdrawal from much of empire; barbarian settlement of Europe; Jerome translates Bible into Latin; migration of Nestorian Christians to C Asia; building of Teotihuacan, Mexico; Mochica culture, Peru; Japan opens relations with China

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