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The Historical Ephemeris

The Historical Ephemeris

600 BCE - CE 2200

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Configurations 3 | Light/Dark Ages 412 - 905

Historical Ephemeris
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Configurations  CE 411 - 905
Neptune-Pluto cycle 3

During this time many of the world's civilisations reach a cultural zenith, though Europe declines into a 'Dark Age' to re-form itself in early Medieval times, particularly under the Carolingians, and much later to become fully reborn in the Renaissance. Meanwhile, Islamic culture bursts onto the scene, invading from India to Spain. Many other cultures around the world develop (Java, Tibet, Cambodia, Huari, the Toltecs) and Russia is born. This is the time of the Mayans, Ming China, a succession of great kingdoms in India, the Baghdad Caliphate and the Caliphate of Cordoba.

Neptune conjunct Pluto 407-412
Rome sacked by Visigoths; Roman withdrawal from much of empire; barbarian settlement of Europe (Franks & Vandals expand in France); Jerome translates Bible into Latin; divisions between Eastern & Western Christian churches; Nestorian Christians migrate to Central Asia; building of Teotihuacan, Mexico; Mochica culture, coastal Peru; Japan opens relations with China

Uranus conjunct Pluto 439-40
Final withdrawal of Roman legions; European breakdown, bubonic plague; Attila the Hun rampaging in Europe; centralising emperor in Japan; first Pope in Rome; Celtic Christianity at peak - St Patrick; Vandal barbarians from Spain take Carthage (Tunisia)

Uranus conjunct Neptune 452-53
Council of Chalcedon - orthodoxy in Christianity; Huns attack Greece & Italy; migration of Slavs into Balkans; Franks block & defeat Huns - Hunnish threat declines; Venice founded; Rome raided; British defeated by invading Saxons; establishment of Byzantium; Mississippi Valley culture

Uranus square Pluto 466-68
Huns withdraw from Europe, destroying Gupta empire in India; rise of Khazar Khanate, Kazakhstan; growth of Mayan cities & culture; final end of western Roman empire

Uranus square Neptune 493-96
Roots of European states - foundation of Frankish & Ostrogothic states - Franks (Clovis) adopt Christianity; zenith of Tiahuanacu, Peru, & Huari, Bolivia; mythical king Arthur stops Saxon advance in Britain; radical Zoroastrian preacher Mazduk active in Persia; Hindus reach Indonesia

Uranus opposition Pluto 516-20
Emperor of China becomes Buddhist, Chinese ascendancy; decimal system invented, India; Irish Christian scholastic tradition; legendary king Arthur, Britain; emperor Justinian, Byzantine ascendancy; zenith of Sasanid Persia; revolts in Japan; mathematical advances in India (Aryabhata)

Uranus opposition Neptune 535-39
Crisis in Mayan civilisation; Byzantine Justinian reconquers many Roman lands; Shah Khosrau, zenith of Sasanid Persia; plagues throughout Europe; monasticism - Benedictus & Benedictine rule; founding of Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism, Loyang, China; Celtic evangelism in Europe (Columba)

Uranus square Pluto 549-51
Golden age of Byzantine art & culture, Justinian's lawmaking & reorganisation of Orthodox church; dawn of Toltec culture, Mexico; Buddhism enters Japan; Avar invasions of Europe; roots of France & Germany; decline of Funan (Cambodia), takeover by Chen-la (Laos); Turkic khanates dominate C Asia

Uranus conjunct Pluto square Neptune 580-85
Sui dynasty reforms & reunites China, capital at Chang-an; decline of Teotihuacan, Mexico, Mayan revival; Visigothic kdgm of Spain; Mochica decline, Huari expansion; zenith in Japan; end of barbarian invasions in Europe; Pope Gregorius (growth of worldly church power); Bulgar tribes united in Ukraine

Uranus square Pluto 610-11
Zeniths in Later Gupta India (Sri Harsha), Sasanid Persia & Byzantium (Heraklius); mission of Mohammed the Prophet, Arabia; first Viking raids in Europe; foundation of Nan Chao (Thailand); Persia invades Syria, Egypt & Anatolia; major public works in China (Gret Wall, Grand Canal); unification of Tibet; first use of petroleum (Japan); Saxon ascendancy, England

Uranus conjunct Neptune 623-24
Zenith of Mayan civilisation (Palenque temples); cultural climax in China (T'ang dynasty); birth of Islam (the Hegira); decline of Sasanid Persia; Christian Saxon England, Celtic decline; Viking invasions (Ireland); zenith of Pallava dynasty, S India; Byzantium beseiged by Avars & Persians (Europe threatened); sugar reaches Europe from India

Uranus opposition Pluto 634-36
Arabic expansion into Egypt, Jerusalem, Syria, Persia (Caliph Omar); anarchy in Britain; Gupta decline, India; Byzantine decline; Fujiwara reforms, Japan; Buddhism adopted in Tibet (Srongtsan Gampo); Irish Celtic church submits to Catholicism; end of Frankish Merovingian dynasty; Persian Parsees settle in India; China extends into Turkestan

Neptune opposition Pluto square Uranus 660-65
Sudden end of Teotihuacan, Mexico; Hindu Srivijaya empire, SE Asia; expansion of Tibet; Umayyad Caliphate, Damascus; Arab invasion of Maghreb (N Africa); decline of Celtic church (Synod of Whitby); Silla period, Korea; Bulgars migrate to lower Danube from Ukraine; reduction of Byzantium (Arab pressure); revision of Quran (Othman); Turks disperse into Russia & India

Uranus conjunct Pluto 693
Zenith of Umayyad Caliphate - Arab empire from Turkestan to Morocco; zenith of Khazar Khanate, Kazakhstan; golden age in T'ang China; zenith of Bulgars, SE Europe; Byzantine instability; decline of Mochica culture, Peru;
Dome of the Rock completed, Jerusalem; persecution of Jews in Spain; Lindisfarne Gospels, Beowulf; decline of Teotihuacan & Monte Alban, Mexico

Uranus opposition Neptune 706-09
Collapse of Teotihuacan; Arab invasion of Spain & Sindh (Pakistan); Bulgars then Arabs beseige Constantinople (Byzantine low-point); renaissance in Ming China; Nara classical period, Japan; rise of Sican culture, Peru; expansion of Huari, Bolivia; wars between Saxons & Cornish

Uranus square Pluto 722-23
Rivalry between Celtic & Roman Christians in NW Europe; Charles Martel starts Frankish expansion, blocks Arab invasion in France; zenith of Mayan civilisation, Yucatan; Buddhist Pala kgdm, Bengal; fall of Gupta dynasty; India influences China (thru Buddhist pilgrims)

Uranus square Neptune 751-54
Islam meets China at Bt of Talas River, Turkestan; Frankish Carolingian dynasty (Frankish growth); slow decline of T'ang dynasty, China; first Turkic sultanate, Armenia; Umayyad Caliphate in Cordoba, Spain; Buddhist zenith, Japan (Great Buddha at Nara); Abbasid Caliphate, Baghdad; cultural zeniths in Japan, India, Russia, Cordoba, China; Rashtrakuta kgdm, Deccan, India

Uranus opposition Pluto 774-76
Charlemagne, Carolingian emperor, conquests; Byzantine revival (fall of Bulgars); Tibetan & Uighur expansion, C Asia; social change in Ming China; Saxon England united (King Offa); collapse of Silla, decline in Korea; Dharmapala, king of Pala & Maghada, Bengal (king for a century)

Uranus conjunct Neptune 794
Serious Viking raids in NW Europe; Heian Buddhist period, Japan; urban Mississippi culture, American midwest; rise of Angkor (Cambodia) & Borobadur (Java); Maori migration to New Zealand; Huari decline, Peru; regionalisation of China, trade boom

Uranus square Pluto 804-05
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor - Carolingian empire from France to E Germany; zenith of Rashtrakuta kgdm, C India; decine of the Mayan city-states; final separation of Orthodox & Catholic churches; Abbasid cultural ascendancy in Caliphate of Baghdad; Buddhist temples at Borobadur, Java; Arabic trading ports along African east coast

Neptune square Pluto 830-33

Uranus conjunct Pluto 836-38
Iconoclastic dispute, Byzantium; Gypsy revolt, Persia; Rise of north Italian cities; Arab incursions in France, Italy & Byzantium; Viking raids, NW Europe, Viking dominance of Ireland; Tibetan empire and Mayan and Huari cultures collapse; rise of Kievan Russia; chaos, persecution & imperial bankruptcy, China; Slavic confederation, Moravia; Japan breaks links with China; Pratihara kgdm, Rajasthan, NW India; Abbasid Caliphate slow decline; partition of Carolingian empire into France, Italy & Germany

Uranus square Pluto 863-65
Byzantine revival; Viking terror and settlement, Russia, Britain & Ireland; rise of Bokhara as a centre of Islamic thought; creation of Cyrillic (Slavic) alphabet; growth of Khmer Cambodia; Bulgars & Serbs convert to Christianity; Fujiwara period, Japan; Alfred the Great, England, resists Viking settlement

Uranus opposition Neptune 878-81
Alfred the Great - England divided between Saxons & Danes; Viking colonisation of Iceland; Fujiwara dictatorship in Japan; Arabs take Sicily; famine across Eurasia (weather); Nepali independence from Tibet; schism between Catholic & Orthodox Christians; separation of Germany & France

Uranus opposition Pluto 887-89
Magyars expelled from Russia by Khazars, settling in Hungary; Viking threat blocked in Britain & France; England strong under Alfred the Great; Japanese cultural renaissance; Carmathian rebellion, Syria & Arabia; Tamil Chola dynasty, S India; Sankaracharya, philosopher, reforms Vedic Hinduism

Neptune conjunct Pluto 905
Rise of European identity & nation-states (under threat from Magyars, Vikings & Arabs); unstable Epoch of Five Dynasties in China; zenith of Umayyad culture in Cordoba, Spain; Magyars destroy Moravia; rise of Fatimids in Tunisia; Vikings granted Normandy (later to become Normans); rise of Nothern Maya (Chichen Itza); Maori settlement of New Zealand increases; Toltec period, Mexico; peak of Viking culture
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The Historical Ephemeris
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