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Configurations 4 | Medieval Period 905 - 1398


Historical Ephemeris
Historical Ephemeris
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Configurations  905 - 1398
Neptune-Pluto cycle 4  Medieval Period

During this time the world saw great cultures across the world rise and fall, not least history's greatest land empire, that of the Mongols. Civilisation in the Americas and the Old World rose to great heights - yet the Old World ended up in tragedy and disaster at the end of this period with the Black Death, which decimated populations and weakened traditional, previously-sustainable rural cultures. In addition to the customary centres of civilisation in China, India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Mexico, new, distinctive ones appeared in Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, even in places previously untouched such as New Zealand, Russia and the high Andes. This was a rich period for human society yet, as we have seen in subsequent times, enormously transitional too.

Neptune conjunct Pluto 905
Rise of the European identity, consolidation of elites & nation-states; unstable Epoch of Five Dynasties in China; zenith of Umayyad Caliphate in Cordoba, Spain (civilising influence on Europe); Magyars on rampage in Germany & Italy, destroying Moravia; rise of Shi'ite Fatimids in Tunisia; Viking raids, Vikings granted Normandy; Polynesian Maoris settling New Zealand; end of Carolingian dynasty; Kiev (founded by Vikings) attacks Constantinople, starting long relationship with Byzantium; expansion of monasteries in Europe (Cluny)

Uranus square Pluto 917-18

Uranus square Neptune 924-27
Magyars still looting Europe. Mongol Khinan Khanate established, C Asia; Korea unified; German expansion (Saxon emperors); Byzantium beseiged by Bulgars - zenith of Bulgars; Icelandic Allthing (world's oldest lasting parliament); Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad politically compromised; Byzantine revival; reform movement in European monasteries (Odo)

Uranus conjunct Pluto 947
Khitan Monglols invade N China, founding Liao dynasty in new capital of Beijing; Tunisian Fatimids conquer Maghreb, Sicily & S Italy; Europe in turmoil - zenith of 'Dark Ages'; Ottonian period in Holy Roman Empire begins European revival; zenith of kgdm of Ghana and of Zimbabwe civilisation; downfall of Zapotecs in Mexico; Christian conversions in C Europe; expansion of German influence in France (Otto I); ascendancy in Vietnam; power shift in Baghdad (end of Abbasid greatness); migration of Sami (Lapps) from Siberia to N Scandinavia

Uranus conjunct Neptune 965
Islamic univrsities; European church-building phase starts; re-uniting of China (Northern Song); Toltec revival in Yucatan; zenith of Fujiwara Japan; unification of Saxon England, final resistance of Welsh against English; decline of Khazar khanate (Viking invasion); collapse in India (fall of Pala, Rashtrakuta, Pratihara), laying India open to Muslims; founding of Turkic sultanate of Ghazni in Khorasan (Afghanistan); Byzantium defeats Bulgar & Arab incursions, expands in Syria; ascendancy of Kiev (Ukraine)

Uranus square Pluto 978-80
Zenith in Cordoba & Kiev; renewed Viking raids on Europe; rise of European trading cities (Venice, Genoa, Antwerp, London, Paris, Mainz); Slavic rebellion against Germans; fall of Axum (Eritrea); Egyptian Fatimids conquer Syria & Iraq; Greenland settled by Vikings

Uranus square Neptune 1009-12
Vikings reach America, dominate England (Canute), convert to Christianity (Sweden & Norway); Ireland united, Vikings defeated; climax of Toltecs (Yucatan) and Tiahuanacu (Peru); sultanate of Ghazni attacks NW India (Muslim invasion of N India); slow decline of Cordoba

Uranus opposition Pluto 1028-31
Collapse of Cordoba Caliphate, rise of Spanish Reconqvista (Sancho of Navarre, rise of Castile); Jaroslav the Wise, Kiev (zenith); Canute attempts Viking empire (England & Denmark); Chola expansion, India & Burma, Malaya, Srivijaya; Song dynasty loses N China to Ch'in; rise of cult of Mary in Catholic church; Seljuk Turk expansion, C Asia

Uranus opposition Neptune 1048-50
Rise of Seljuk Turks, taking Persia & Baghdad; reform Papacy, Europe; internal dissent in Islamic world, decline of Shi'ite Fatimids; ascendancy of Burma; civil war in Japan; rise of Normans in Normandy & Sicily; pagan uprising in Hungary; growth of Mississippian culture, American Midwest; schism between Catholic & Orthodox churches; florescence of Anasazi culture, Arizona

Uranus square Pluto 1058-59
Decline of Kiev; Moorish conquest of south Spain; decline of Byzantium (pressures from invaders); Norman expansion into Sicily & later England; stability in China, end of the Viking age

Neptune square Pluto 1075-79
Norman England & Italy; Seljuk invasion of Syria & Palestine, threatening Byzantium (sparking later Crusades) & revival in Baghdad; Islamic disorder; Papal primacy extended over German Holy Roman Empire; Spanish ascendancy; Chalukya-Chola dynasty, India; Islam crosses the Sahara to Mali, Hausa, Ghana; Moors destroy kgdm of Ghana; establishment of Serbian state in Kosovo

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1090

Uranus square Neptune 1096-1100
Domesday Book, England; rise of the idea of Crusades; rise of Fraternity of Assassins (Persia); El Cid, reconqvista in Spain; Seljuk breakdown, Baghdad; First Crusade, Euro invasion of Anatolia, Syria, Jerusalem; European monasticism (Citeaux); first European universities; first persecutions of Jews in Europe; German eastward colonisation; Patzinak Turks settle Ukraine; reforms in China

Uranus conjunct Neptune 1136

Uranus opposition Pluto 1141-42
Rise of Moscow as Russian centre; zenith of European scholasticism; rise of Italian port cities; Siberian Ch'in dynasty, N China - China divided between Ch'in & Sung, much warring & devastation; import of Oriental ideas into Europe via Crusades; civil war in England (Matilda); independence of Portugal; Byzantium at a new zenith; birth of future Austrian Habsburg empire; messianic movements in France & Persia

Neptune opposition Pluto 1151-54
Rise of large Euro trade fairs & Hansa ports, prosperity, Gothic cathedral building (Chartres); end of sultanate of Ghazni, Afghanistan; Inca culture founded by Manco Capac, Cuzco; zenith of Buddhist culture in Burma; low-point in Muslim world; decline of Toltecs in Mexico (prelude to Aztec rise); Angevin empire, Henry II, England & France

Uranus square Pluto 1170-72
First Muslim empire in N India; zenith of Hindu Srivijaya kgdm in Java; rise of Barbarossa (Germany) & Saladin (Egypt); beginning of English rule of Ireland (Henry II); fall of Toltecs, Byzantium expands into Balkans; Oxford univ founded; Waldensians, France (early Protestants)

Uranus square Neptune 1181-84
Zenith of Angkor kgdm, Cambodia; zenith of German power in Europe; fall of Crusader Jerusalem, Palestine & Syria to Saladin (failure of Crusade); civil war, Japan; zenith in Hungary (Ladislas I); suppression of heretics, Europe, starts (Cathars, Waldensians)

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1201
Third Crusade; zenith for Papacy; Kamakura Shogunate, Japan; Aztecs take C Mexico; Teutonic Knights colonise Estonia; Sultanate of Delhi founded; Fourth Crusade, turns bad, takes Byzantium; rise of Genghiz Khan, Mongolia; rise of Muslim Mali & Hausa, W Africa; Jewish Qabalistic philosophy, Moorish Spain; Icelandic Sagas; founding of Amsterdam (rise of Holland); zenith of Saharan Kanem-Bornu

Uranus opposition Neptune 1220-23
Hojo period, Japan; Magna Carta, England; Spaniards reclaim much of Iberia from Moors; Saladin beats Crusaders - Ayyubid empire, Middle East; Genghiz Khan & Mongols invade N China, C Asia (Samarkand, Bokhara); decline of Papal power; founding of Vienna; German colonisation of E Europe at peak; final end of Toltecs, Mexico

Uranus square Pluto 1236-39
Mongols subdue Russia & Ukraine, invade C Europe, take N China; Moors lose Cordoba to Spaniards; rise of Inquisition in Europe; founding of Berlin; Delhi Sultanate grows (Bengal to Sindh); zenith of Mississippian culture; Russian revival (Alexander Nevsky)

Uranus opposition Pluto 1283-86
Kublai Khan reunites Mongol empire; Mongol Yuan dynasty, China; Edward I, lawmaker, England; Welsh rebellion, fails; birth of Habsburg dynasty; ascendancy in Florence; Mongol attacks, Persia, S China, SE Asia; Osman I founds Turkic Ottoman dynasty, Anatolia

Uranus conjunct Neptune 1307

Uranus square Pluto 1312-13
Ottomans first defeat Byzantines; fall of Yuan dynasty, China; Mandingo zenith, W Africa, Mandingo annexes Songhai; peak of Nestorian Christian influence in Asia; consolidation of states & prosperity in Europe, though disease & famine follow; truce between England & Scotland; zenith of Delhi Sultanate; gunpowder invented, Germany; Knights Templars dissolved; formation of Switzerland, Canary Is discovered by Genoese

Neptune square Pluto 1323-27
Ascendancy of Aztecs, C Mexico, founding Tenochtitlan; zenith of Moorish Grenada; cultural florescence in Italy; gold-rich Mali becomes Muslim; unstable Ashikaga period, Japan; famine in China (roots of Black Death); Ottoman expansion, Anatolia & Balkans; civil war in declining Byzantium; travels of Ibn Battuta, Africa to China; end of Buddhism in India by Sultan of Delhi; growth of Serbia

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1343-44
Black Death spreads from China across Asia to Europe (disaster, population loss, economic shrinkage, cultural contacts die); persecution of Jews, Germany - many Jews move east; Chinese emigration abroad (Singapore, Indonesia); rebellion against Delhi Sultanate, Vijayanagar power grows in S India

Uranus square Neptune 1353-55
Zenith in Japan, Indochina and Java - Majapahit zenith in Java-Sumatra; desolation across Europe (Black Death); Turks surround Constantinople; Mongol-Turk revival in C Asia - Timurlenk; rebuilding of Great Zimbabwe after bushfires; major social change in Europe (urbanisation, revolts, war between England & France); Black Death dies down

Uranus square Pluto 1370-71
Founding of Ming dynasty, China; Timurlenk's invasions of C Asia, Persia & Middle East; cruelty in Muslim world (Timurlenk & Delhi Sultanate); zenith of Hansa trading league; zenith of Vijayanagar, S India; rise of Lithuania; witchcraft and heresy persecutions begin in Europe; slow revival from Black Death in Eurasia

Uranus opposition Neptune 1391-94

Neptune conjunct Pluto 1394-96
Timurlenk invades Iraq, Persia, N India (brings decline of Delhi Sultanate); Ottomans control Balkans (Bt of Kosovo); last pagan Euro state, Lithuania, converts to Catholicism; rebuilding in Ming China (after previous wars); Sweden, Denmark & Norway united; first stirrings of European Renaissance in Italy (Medicis in Florence); Henry the Navigator sponsors Portuguese exploration to Africa; Timurlenk defeats Ottomans - Ottoman revival under Suleiman I; fall of Timurlenk's empire on his death; ascendancy in Korea; most of Eurasia in intense transition
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