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The Historical Ephemeris

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Configurations 5 | Early Modern Period 1398 - 1891

Historical Ephemeris
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Configurations  1398 - 1892
Neptune-Pluto cycle 5 Early Modern Period

During this time Europe, previously backward in comparison to other cultures, transformed into a world-dominating force, bringing new inventions, creativity and a modernised way of life to the world while also wiping out and enslaving millions, destroying other cultures and setting up an unsustainable consumptiveness of the world's resources, particularly through urbanisation and industrialisation. Other cultures could theoretically have done something equivalent - China, the Mongols, the Muslim world or some sort of global cultural patchwork - but Europe's values, methods and assertiveness prevailed, ending with a grab for world control which was complete by the late 1800s. A new world was born in this Neptune-Pluto cycle, and the full story is yet to be played out in present and future times.

Neptune conjunct Pluto 1394-96
Timurlenk invades Iraq, Persia, N India (brings decline of Delhi Sultanate); Ottomans control Balkans (Bt of Kosovo); last pagan European state, Lithuania, converts to Catholicism; rebuilding in Ming China (after previous wars); Hundred Years War, England v France; Sweden, Denmark & Norway united (Kalmar); first stirrings of European Renaissance in Italy (Medicis in Florence); Henry the Navigator sponsors Portuguese exploration to Africa; Timurlenk defeats Ottomans - Ottoman revival under Suleiman I; fall of Timurlenk's empire on his death; ascendancy in Korea; most of Eurasia in intense transition

Uranus square Pluto 1424-26
First Protestant stirrings in Euope (Hussites); rise of Holland as Europe's centre of trade & arts; Aztec ascendancy; rise of Vietnam; Joan of Arc leads French armies against England; Chinese maritime exploration, visiting Mecca, E Africa, Antarctic, Caribbean; Quiche Maya dominate Guatemala highlands; Chinese capital moves from Nanking to Beijing

Uranus square Neptune 1440-43
Inca conquering period, Peru; Gutenberg publishes first printed book; Mongol Khanate of Kazan, Russia; conservatism in China; zenith of Songhai kgdm, Sahara; economic upswing in Europe; discovery of the Azores, W African coast explored by Portuguese (Euro-African trade); end of Khmer culture, Cambodia; Hungarians defeat Ottomans in Balkans (blocking Ottoman growth into Europe)

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1455-56
Incas overcome Chimu culture; Renaissance in Medici Florence; England loses Hundred Years War; Wars of the Roses, England; Ottomans take Constantinople - end of Byzantium; decline of the Maya, Yucatan; Gutenberg's Bible; decline of Mississippian temple cities; Ottomans invade Greece

Uranus conjunct Neptune 1478-79
End of state of Burgundy; Ferdinand & Isabella (union of Aragon & Castile, Spanish revival); Inca expansion; Russia ejects Mongols (Ivan the Great - rise of Russia); Tudor dynasty, England (modernisers); witchcraft burnings, Europe; Habsburgs acquire the Netherlands (by marriage); civil wars, northern Maya, Mexico; rise of Safavid dynasty, Persia

Uranus square Pluto 1498-1500
Columbus - Spaniards visit the Caribbean; Incas take Bolivia; end of Arab Grenada (rise of Spain); ascendancy of Habsburg dynasty, Austria; Safavid dynasty, Persia; High Renaissance, Europe; last Mongol khanate falls; Portuguese colony in India (Vasco da Gama); English land in Newfoundland (Cabot); Switzerland becomes independent

Uranus square Neptune 1525-28
Babur conquers NW India & Delhi, founding Mughal empire; rise of Habsburg Austro-Hungarian empire, resisting the Ottomans & protecting Europe; Ottoman zenith in Istanbul; birth of Prussia (north Germany); Rome sacked by Germans; end of the High Renaissance; zenith of the Inca empire, Peru; Conquistadors conquer the Aztecs & Mayans; rise of Sweden as a Euro power (Gustav Vasa)

Uranus opposition Pluto 1538-40
Conquistadors end the Mayan Aztec & Inca empires; English Henry VIII breaks with Rome; Luther & the Reformation; early Euro colonies in Americas; zenith of Spanish wealth & power; Council of Trent - Counter-Reformation; Catholic Inquisition; Portuguese reach China & Japan; England formally takes Ireland & Wales; peak of Ottoman military power; Nostradamus; Jesuit missions in Asia

Uranus opposition Neptune 1563-66

Neptune square Pluto 1568-72
Elizabeth I, England (cultural upswing); Akbar the Great, Mughal India (Mughal greatness); Protestant-Catholic rivalry (Puritans & Huguenots), social & religious rebellions, Europe; beginning of long, slow Ottoman decline; Nobunaga coup & shogunate, unifiying & modernising Japan (opened to foreigners); English expansion overseas (Sir Francis Drake); European early colonial expansion; Boyar revolt against Ivan the Terrible, Russia; Dutch revolt begins against Spain; death of millions of indigenous people by typhoid fever introduced by Europeans, Americas; zenith of Saharan Kanem-Bornu; Spaniards occupy Philippines; expansion of Ottomans in the Balkans; fall of Vijayanagar to Mughals, S India

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1598
English N American colonies; Dutch republic; end of kgdm of Songhai (Mali); Ottoman Turks attack Vienna (fails); Spanish colonial wealth; Tokugawa Restoration, Japan; Khanate of Bokhara; English & Dutch East India Companies (first multinational corporations), Dutch colonise Indonesia, rise of English trading primacy; early scientists at work, Europe (Kepler, Galileo, Bacon); troubles in Russia (Boris Gudunov)

Uranus square Neptune 1612-13
Swedish ascendancy & Baltic expansion; Pilgrim Fathers - growth of American colonies; start of Thirty Years' War; scientific revolution; Virginians plant tobacco; tea brought to Europe; unification of Vietnam

Uranus square Pluto 1624
Mughal expansion, India; Counter-Reformation wars, Europe; Dutch art, trade & colonial expansion; enormous destruction in Thirty Years' War; British occupy Caribbean; rise of Manchu Ch'ing in Manchuria; England & Scotland unified (Charles I); rebellions against Ming dynasty, China

Neptune opposition Pluto, 1644-48
Uranus conjunct Neptune 1650
Uranus opposition Pluto 1648-49
European High Baroque period; Manchu Ch'ing dynasty takes power, China; Protestant gains, end of Thirty Years' War (Germany destroyed); Fronde Rebellion, France; Swedish zenith, controlling Baltic lands; English Civil War (Cromwell, war & repression in Wales & Ireland, massacre of Catholics in Ulster); peak of Mughal empire, India (Shahjahan, Taj Mahal built); Cape Colony founded by Dutch; classical French aristocratic period; cotton products manufactured in Manchester (seed of industrial revolution); age of engineers, inventors, philosophers & scientists takes off; zenith in Tibet (building of Potala); Jewish messianic movement of Shabtai Zvi, Turkey; beginning of friction between colonists & native Americans, N America

Uranus square Pluto 1678-80
Peace & prosperity in Manchu China; growth of New England as a proto-nation; first European Congress (diplomacy); scientific revolution; expansion of Prussia (Prussian militarism); French colonisation of Great Lakes & Mississippi

Uranus square Neptune 1696-99
English growth - Bank of England, leading trading nation; state of Ashanti, W Africa; chaos in India (wars & revolts); German Baroque period; War of Spanish Succession (first global war); weakening of Ottomans; final destruction of Mayans, Yucatan, by Spanish; Arab control of E African trade ports

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1710
Union of England & Scotland; Swedish decline as a power; European 'cabinet politics' (Treaty of Utrecht); Mughal decline, India; first Indian Wars, N America; Rococo period; Europe at peace; Prussian ascendancy; Afghan independence (from Persians); Peter the Great, Russia (modernisation, newbuilt St Petersburg becomes capital); Swiss civil war

Uranus opposition Neptune 1737-38
Ch'ing emperor Ch'ien Lung, China; Wahhabi Islamic reform movement in Mecca; chaos in Persia; early seeds of industrial revolution in Europe; growth of European Enlightenment; Nadir Shah, reformer, Persia; rise of Prussia over Habsburg Austrian influence in Germany

Uranus square Pluto 1755-58
Seven Years War (global); British inroads in N America & India; Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Hume; Alaungpaya reunites Burma; setbacks for expansionist Prussia; Bach, Mozart, Haydn; British take territory in India, overpowering French (Robert Clive); British take Montreal & Quebec from France; Wedgwood's pottery; first woman doctor, Germany

Uranus trine Neptune trine Pluto 1771
Capt Cook in Australia & NZ; Priestley, Lavoisier, Bolta, Watt, Arkwright; German identity - Goethe, Schiller, Grimm, Niebuhr, Eichendorff; decline of Ethiopian kgdm; Inquisition abolished; buildup to American Revolution; Warren Hastings, growing British takeover in India; industrial revolution taking off

Uranus square Neptune 1783-84
American Revolution (independence & constitution); gas lighting; orchestral music; Potemkin's 'New Russia' development; conservatism in Habsburg empire & France; florescence in Thailand; inventions, canal-building, factories, static steam engines

Uranus opposition Pluto 1792-94
French Revolutiion & revolutionary wars, rise of Napoleon; George Washington, 1st president of USA; British hegemony in India; corruption & rebellions in China; age of reform begins in Europe; slave revolt in Haiti (L'Ouverture); Washington DC founded; organisation of Canada

Neptune square Pluto 1816-20    Uranus conjunct Neptune 1821    Uranus square Pluto 1820
End of Napoleonic Wars; Congress of Vienna redesigns Europe; conservative restoration in East Europe (after Napoleon), liberal West; Romanticism; industrial revolution in Britain, Holland, France, Belgium; beginning of railways; independence of S American colonial nations (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc); beginning of European imperialist carve-up of the world, to 1900; electric motor & generator invented; Shaka extends Zulu empire; Liberia founded as colony for freed slaves; Monroe Doctrine, USA; British found Singapore (Raffles); British effective rulers of India

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1850
Revolutions in Europe; industrial revolution in Germany & Russia; USA becomes transcontinental; widespread railway-building & transport acceleration; Victorian era, Great Exhibition, London; Crimean War (Russia v Ottomans); opening of Japan & China to West; rapid gloabalisation & social change worldwide

Uranus square Neptune 1868-70
Meiji Restoration, Japan (westernising); American Civil War ends; unification of Germany (Bismarck); French Third Republic & empire; Marx's Das Kapital; Trades Union Congress, UK; Muslim rebellions in C Asia against China; Russia expands into C Asia; Suez Canal opens; first transcontinental railroad, USA

Uranus square Pluto 1876-77
Balkan crisis; Victoria, Empress of India; Ottomans crumbling; reform movement & modernisation in Russia; zenith of high capitalism; Ghost Dance movement, USA; socialist ideas; Impressionism; Irish nationalism; European seizing of colonies in Africa; telephone, phonograph; Gladstone & Disraeli, UK; Kuang Hsu, last true emperor of China

Neptune conjunct Pluto 1891-92
Emergence of socialism as political force; USA becomes world power; zenith of British world domination; technological development - motor engines, electric lamps etc; Europeans compete for colonies; roots of global integration; rise of corporate power; Russia 'hotbed of capitalism'; Ottoman atrocities against Armenians; Trans-Siberian railway
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