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Configurations 6 | Global Period 1891 - 2200


Historical Ephemeris
Historical Ephemeris
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Configurations  1892 - 2200
Neptune-Pluto cycle 5 Global Period

During the 'long 20th Century' - roughly 1892-2012 - European imperialism gave way to superpower geopolitics and later to a collection of power blocs, but the overall trend was toward materially-led global integration dominated by mega-organisations and one dominant profit-seeking system of running civilisation and society. Enormous urbanisation and population growth took place, together with psycho-social and culutral changes and ideological battles unprecedented in human history. The survival and future of humanity came into question - a matter as yet unresolved. Yet amongst this, a global florescence of creativity and human endeavour which reached to the Moon and began a synthesis and transformation of all cultures of all times.

Neptune conjunct Pluto 1891-92
Emergence of socialism as political force; USA becomes world power; zenith of British world domination; technological development - motor engines, motion pictures, electric lamps etc; Europeans compete for remaining colonies; roots of globalisation of 20th C; rise of corporate power and background power structures; Russia 'hotbed of capitalism'; Ottoman atrocities against Armenians; Trans-Siberian railway built

Uranus opposition Pluto 1901-02
Age of electricity & flight begins; Boxer rebellion in China (against foreign powers); Boer War (British take full control of South Africa); oil drilling & mining in resource-rich areas worldwide; Australia unified; British Colonial Conference (power shift, peak of empire); technological & scientific change; socialist parties, feminism; new spirituality (Theosophy etc); USA becomes world power; zenith of industrial revolution

Uranus opposition Neptune 1907-10
Young Turks revolt, Turkey; revolts & revolutions in Russia, Persia, China; Thailand, Crete, Poland, Finland; radioactivity, relativity; plastics, Model T Ford; flight, skyscrapers; expansionist Japan, industrialisation; decline of dynasties in Russia, Habsburg empire and Manchu China; Indian nationalism; Muslim League

Uranus square Pluto 1932-34
Totalitarianism - Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini; fascism v democracy; banking crisis & Depression (after Wall St Crash); Gold Standard abandoned; Roosevelt's New Deal, USA; social-democratic & labour parties; modern technology - radio, cinemas, flight, electronics; jazz; prelude to world war

Uranus square Neptune 1954-55
Independence movements in Africa & Asia - decolonialisation; European Community; nuclear age and space age developing; revolts in Soviet Bloc (Hungary, Poland); TV; Krushchev, Russia; contraceptive pill; pop music (Elvis); 'Affluent Society' (growth of middle classes); Cold War; Suez Crisis

Uranus conjunct Pluto 1965-66
Decline of coal-based 19th C industries; Cold War at peak; consumerism; flower power, black power, feminism, civil rights, pop/rock (Beatles etc); African independence; Mao & cultural revolution, China; Vietnam War; Prague Spring; immigration from former colonies to Europe; modernity; popular flight; global connectedness; computers, genetics, space race

Uranus conjunct Neptune 1993
Globalisation, computers, mobile phones; free-market capitalism; fall of USSR, end of Cold War & shift of superpower geometry; Iraq War; Yugoslav wars; Muslim fundamentalism; modernisation in China & tiger economies; European integration; growth of Internet; genetics; sustainability; beginning of decline of USA & the West; reform in Latin America; urbanisation; climate change

Uranus square Pluto 2012-15
Recession & decline in the West; Euro crisis; ascendancy in China & India; African economic revival; Latin American political movements; crisis of law, banking, corporate power & governance; digital society; debt & resource crisis; global rebalancing of power, democratic deficit, global governance crisis; poverty & excess, instability & social change

Uranus sextile Neptune sextile Pluto 2025-28

Uranus square Neptune 2039-41
Opening square following conjunction in 1993

Uranus opposition Pluto 2046-48
Culmination of the Ura-Plu cycle started in 1965-66

Neptune square Pluto 2061-65
Opening square following the conjunction of 1892

Uranus opposition Neptune 2078-81
Relates to the conjunction of 1993

Uranus conjunct Pluto 2104
Relates to previous conjunction of 1965-66 and the opposition of 2046-48

Uranus square Neptune 2125-27
Uranus square Pluto 2129-30
A critical period relating back to developments starting in 1993 and 2104

Neptune opposition Pluto 2137-40
Closing square of a cycle starting in 1892

Uranus conjunct Neptune 2165
Previous conjunction in 1993

Uranus square Pluto 2186-88

Neptune sextile Uranus sextile Pluto 2195-99
Compare with similar configuration in 2025-28
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The Historical Ephemeris
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