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Interests at stake

The issues facing the world today are large-scale and global, and they must be tackled globally.

No one is exempt from this global ferment, even if they seek exemption or take pre-emptive action to ward it off. Not even if they live in the most isolated corners of planet Earth.

Amongst the highest global priorities are the natural environment, world climate, food and resources, population and demographics, disease, inequity, violence and injustice.

Yet progress in these rests on people – what we'll accept, allow or subscribe to.

People in groups, as nations and as masses.

You and me, and billions of us.

The official geopolitical mechanisms through which global issues are thrashed out are nations and transnational organisations such as the UN and big corporations. Some corporations are mightier than nations.

Boys awaiting initiation into manhood

Dragged into all this are we, the people, each and all of us struggling to establish an identity, a niche in the expanding matrix of global society.

Questions of power therefore come up:
- Who decides?
- Who names the game?
- Where are the boundaries?
- Who are we, and who are they?
- Who benefits, who suffers?
- What's the bottom line?