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Conflict resolution

World conflicts have their genuine reasons and roots which cannot be overlooked.

Even so, with the world as it is, we cannot afford to indulge in conflict, neither allow its causes to develop too far.

We must find other ways. Conflict obstructs and delays the resolution of vital world issues, diverting attention and resources from greater and wider needs. There is more to life than this.

This site addresses humanity's unconscious, basic, bottom-line feelings, from which conflict and its resolution arise. It rummages around in the heaving globs of fermenting gunk hidden underneath.

This site contains suggestions and perspectives to help clarify how, realistically, we might turn a quagmire into fertile ground, and what we ourselves can individually do toward this.

To figure this out or sharpen it up, it helps to survey the big picture and place ourselves somewhere in it. I hope this site, and the book it's derived from, help you find your location.

Once you've found it, keep it moving, for reality is not a fixed thing, and nowadays it's quite good at backflips and side-swipes.

Palden Jenkins