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FAQs for people asking questions about the Council of Nine. The answers to the most frequent questions are No, No and No! The Nine have not significantly spoken since the book was written – they'd been at it twenty years. There aren't any further writings. No, I don't have copies of the first edition of The Only Planet of Choice, which is available only on your friends' bookshelves, by book search and in second-hand bookstores. Try here.

The Nine said all that they need to say until the world changes fundamentally. They did not seek followers. Until the world changes, what they have said still holds. They gave tools – ways of seeing things. I am still working with things I learned while compiling TOPOC 12 years ago. One of the big ones for me was 'Only do what you can respect yourself for'. If you seek more from the Nine, work through the book again. Out of some 1,000 letters and e-mails I've had about that book, only a few have indicated that they understood the book's final secret – that planet Earth is one of the Twenty-Four.