Healing the Hurts of Nations

And building a world fit for humans
Palden Jenkins

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Part One: Some Questions

Nations, ethnic groups, culture-clash and reality-systems. How human differences turn into conflict. The value of nations and minorities within today's unfolding globalisation process.

1. Your Passport Please

What are nations for?

2. Insiders and Outsiders

Boundaries, inclusion and exclusion

3. Continents of the Mind

Cultural exchange and conflict

4. The Rationality of Nationality

Identity, tribalism and nationalism

5. Same Planet, Different Worlds

Social solidarity – how it breaks down

Part Two: What's Underneath

Globalisation, civilisation, development and power. How humanity has damaged itself, leading us to our contemporary world situation. The collective unconscious and the emotional landmines buried in its soil.

6. Silk Roads and Ocean Winds

Globalisation's troublesome birth

7. Staterooms and Border Patrols

Civilisation and its discontents

8. The Wounds and Scars of Nations

How we got hurt, way back when

9. In the National Interest

The collective psyche of nations

10. Take Me to your Leader

Power and legitimacy in the real world

11. Where Lies the Power?

Behind business and government

12. Ghosts and Ghouls of Nations

Issues that nations avoid facing

Part Three: Geopolitical Healing

Ways in which the deeper spirit of humanity and the collective unconscious can pull us into resolving the questions of the past and setting the foundations of the future - to some extent, despite ourselves. How fundamental change might actually come.

13. Conscience and Natural Justice

Whispers from the heart of the world

14. That Vision Thing

Hints from humanity's superconscious

15. Owning Up

Untangling conflict

16. Times of Healing

Lifting the pressure on human society

17. Force Majeure

Overriding factors – crisis and revelation

Part Four: What Next?

What we ourselves can do about it all. The 21st Century agenda and some of its key agenda-points. What's in store for the 21st Century. Making the best use of crisis and intense change.

18. Life Purpose

What are we here for?

19. Weapons of Mass-Reconstruction

Playing our part in world change

20. Complementary Diplomacy

Special operations from deep space

21. The Miracle Century

Magic solutions and the power of events

22. A History of the Twenty-First Century

What we might yet go through

23. Getting from Here to There

Some priorities for our century

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