Palden Jenkins

Healing the Hurts of Nations

And building a world fit for humans
Palden Jenkins

This is a stream of new perspectives on global questions that bug you and me.

It's an informal and rather visionary 'revision course' of insights into conflict-resolution, development, crisis and the future.

It concerns the psychological, social and historical issues that obstruct and encourage progress, as we face the global issues confronting us.

You probably know all this, but perhaps you haven't put it together this way before, or reconsidered these questions recently.

There are four parts, each made up of a series of short sections or 'chapters' - equivalent to a few pages on paper.

You can work through the site chapter by chapter, online.
Or you can print out each section - this might be easier.

Dedicated to all of you who serve humanity,
to aid, peace and social workers
and to you who simply seek to understand more
about what's going down.

Especially for friends in countries where foreign exchange for buying books is as plenteous as water in a desert.

Palden Jenkins is a veteran of 1960s Liverpool and radical student politics at the London School of Economics. Since then his journey has embraced green and social activism, inner growth and healing, mountaineering, Tibetan Lamas, community process, educational and spiritual ventures, book- and web-publishing, teaching, counselling and humanitarian work in the Middle East. He lives in Glastonbury, England, with his family.

Previous publications:
Living in Time (1986),
The Historical Ephemeris (1991),
The Only Planet of Choice (1993),
Kingfisher Encyclopedia of World History (1999),
Healing the Hurts of Nations (2003),
Map of the Ancient Landscape of Glastonbury (1982 and 2005).

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