Palden Jenkins

Palden Jenkins

Brief biography

Born 5th September 1950, Ashdown Forest, Sussex, England. Raised in South Wales (1950s) and Liverpool (1960s).

University at LSE 1969-72 – political awakening. Deeper education in the mountains of Wales, 1972-74 – spiritual awakening.

Resident in Sweden (Stockholm and Uppland), 1975-80. Resident in Glastonbury, SW England, from 1981 to today.

Creator of the Glastonbury Camps (1984), the OakDragon Project (1987) and the Hundredth Monkey Project (1995) – three different generations of educational camps.

Author of Living in Time (1986), The Historical Ephemeris (1992), Essays on Geopolitics and History (1996), Healing the Hurts of Nations (2003), Map of the Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury (2005). Co-author The Only Planet of Choice (1993), writer The Kingfisher Encyclopedia of World History (2000).

Worked as a printer, English language teacher, bookshop manager, counsellor, public speaker, event organiser, book editor, webmaster, photographer, counsellor and adviser.

Involved with spiritual teachers (particularly Tibetan Lamas), ecological campaigns, community development in Glastonbury, meditation, therapy and inner growth, educational innovation, peace and reconciliation work (mainly in the Middle East), history and geopolitics.

Currently webmaster for Hope Flowers School (Bethlehem), Sir George Trevelyan, Glastonbury Symposium and many other sites. Former webmaster to Jerusalem Peacemakers and the Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury).

Four lovely offspring (Maya '77, Gwen '79, Marieka '89, Tulki '96).

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