Part Two: What's Underneath

Deeper sources of the world problem

This section proposes that humanity has unconsciously been striving toward some sort of globalisation for a very long time.

It looks into civilisation and its discontents, and an array of wounds and scars humanity has picked up throughout history, obstructing our progress today.

Then there's the collective psyche and the way national and global interests and priorities conflict. A crucial issue here is leaderships - and those who are led and pushed around by their agendas.

Then comes the awkward bit: the stuff we don't want to look at. Trouble is, this stuff creates and sustains the global problems of today.

This second section examines the impact of unconscious collective behaviour on the unfolding of events and trends today.

What are the hidden forces within the world psyche that make for conflict, superpower dominance, unsustainable economic growth, unfair trade, oppression of minorities and rape of the Earth?

What does humanity fear? Why does it want to cover up major truths and realities? Of what are we ashamed?


Silk Roads and Ocean Winds