Living in Time

Living in Time
A 1987 book by Palden Jenkins
A 1987 book by Palden Jenkins
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Living in Time

This is an online archive version of Living in Time, published in 1987 and never reprinted. A new and updated re-working of the book was published in 2014, called Power Points in Time - and how time passes, updated and much improved but based on the 1987 book and available to buy here.

Living in Time has been archived online because it was a rather inspired book and it's still very useful, even if it is 30+ years old. The examples given in the book are dated, from the 1980s, but the material is still very relevant. If you'd prefer up-to-date ideas and examples, just buy a copy of Power Points in Time!

From the book cover:

Living in Time front coverThis book opens up new territory in working with inner time and changing times, using astrological symbology to understand and generate harmony within ourselves and with our world.

It is great for beginners, dabblers and adepts in astrology, easy to follow and starting from basics.

This is a back-to-the-roots approach, directly applicable to real life, written for any aware person, whether or not specifically interested in astrology.

• Lunar cycles, the solstices and equinoxes, the seasons and the ancient fire festivals
• Natural faiths, world transformation and the flow of time
• Power-points in time and quantum leaps

I hope you enjoy this book or its successor, Power Points in Time.  It's presented one chapter per web-page. The diagrams aren't too hot - much better in Power Points in Time.

A special thank you to Jan Billings for permitting me to re-use her illustrations of the zodiac signs and planets, which she originally did for the 1987 book. Acknowledgements also to the late Alick Bartholomew of Gateway Books who published the book in 1987 and to Jessica Macbeth for editing it.

Best wishes, Palden Jenkins

A new, updated edition of this book is available in print

or visit the website

Living in Time was written in 1985-86, published in 1987.

It has been a minor classic in its field, opening up an area of astrology and the understanding of time which had never been properly done before, neither fully repeated by another author since 1987. Hence that an online archive version is presented here.

Living in Time has been particularly valuable to people interested in nature-based faiths and ancient mysteries - the key concept here being 'power points in time', their identification and right use.

This site reproduces the original book with just a few revisions done in 2000 for the first online version. Some material will be dated - please bear that in mind.

For an up-to-date version, buy a copy of Power Points in Time.

Top picture: summer solstice sunset from Woon Gumpus, West Penwith. Bottom: fullmoon as seen from Botrea Hill, West Penwith, Cornwall.
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