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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Hundredth Monkey | What M100 did and why

Palden Jenkins' Archive
Hundredth Monkey Project
What we did and why

There were several threads to our work:
+ aid meditations and interactive remote viewing
+ a social healing-communication process we call AllTing
+ other group research and development work
+ working together and bonding as an open soul-family to help heal the core tribal rifts in the human family.


In our retreats, meditations have played a key role, and we have 'met' every Sunday in meditation while back home too. We don't follow a set, uniform meditation technique - instead we encourage everyone to pursue and develop what they do best, with a shared theme and intent. However, a mapped-out M100 aid meditation has been created, to follow or to use as a basis for other forms of inner work. Click here to see the M100 aid meditation.

We all 'visit' the same place or theme in our meditation. The issue is to do things to ease and encourage forward-moving developments, even miracles, leading toward resolution of the specific problems addressed. However, much 'inside information' is culled too, which aids the process of targeting our energies accurately and appropriately.

Our aim is not to interfere, merely to assist positive processes and budding breakthroughs. In the past we have worked with rivers and children, China and Israel, Rwanda and Russia, weapons testing and forest fires. In our weekend and week-long retreats we have had 30-90 people sitting meditating in a circle. It's a very memorable experience.

We work with specific areas and themes because we identify these as chronic-to-acute world cancers, fevers, allergies and systems breakdowns. Crises, disasters and setbacks hold back the whole of humanity, blocking natural healing and reform processes worldwide. Yet they also represent the seedbeds of fundamental changes. Ecological and 'Gaian' issues are important, yet it is humanity which makes the difference.

We have chosen to work with specific human problems in the knowledge that others cover other and more general areas. We are aware that standards of work in this area should be raised and that there is much 'research' to do before techniques such as these may become more widely disseminated and used.

In late 1996 we formed the Flying Squad, a smaller group made up of people committed to meditating every week without fail, and to coordinating themes and collating records together.

The Archive of Palden Jenkins

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