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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Far Beyond yet Amazingly Near

Magic Circles
with Paldywan Kenobi

In the coming time I'll be offering three kinds of event:
  • talks
  • an inner journey with a talk
  • circle-working - a magical group process.

They will hover around four main themes:
  • dying, completing, going home and being here;
  • where we come from and why we're here;
  • Earth and its place in the universe;
  • world healing and planet-fixing.

Check out this page or watch my blogs for news.

If it interests you to organise a Paldywan event in your area or network, get in touch. I do online talks too.

I'm a Sixties veteran who’s still at it. Originator of the camps movement, an astrologer, historian, geomancer, Palestine activist, author and webmaster, I'm a kind of polymath and seer.

Once well known in Glastonbury, I now live on an organic farm in furthest Cornwall. I've been involved with Tibetan Lamas, psychic work, ETs, ancient sites, crop formations, holistic education, peacemaking, Middle East humanitarian work, string-pulling, social healing and word-weaving. Stuff like that.

Many of you will have known me in former decades, seen and heard me online, or you might have been an astrological client.

Bone marrow cancer, surfacing in 2019, changed everything, taking me to the edge and making life an uphill climb, after an already rather long journey. Even so, I wish to share some of the fruits of this journey before I go.

I've been telling my story in Notes from the Far Beyond and Pods from the Far Beyond, a series of blogs and podcasts recording my cancer story and my take on life, the universe and everything. My Audio Archive has talks of mine going back to 1985. If you don’t know me, try them. My website has plenty of interesting stuff too.

It takes a lot to do these events, so I can't do many - they're limited edition. I don't work to a script and I don't repeat myself. Everyone present will receive something special, specially for them. In some ways I'm an old hat, sharing what I know, yet in other ways, since becoming a cancer patient, there's something new coming out here. Food for the future.

If you seek something that goes a bit deeper and further, please come. It’s a process, rather focused, contained and yet interstellar.

With a little help from my friends, I invite you to enter a space out of time, back home in reality. At heart, this is about energy-fields, reality-fields, soul-families, resonance, reconciliation and planetary re-combobulation.

It’s a chance to look afresh at what we’re doing with our lives and gain clues about the next level. It's a kind of passing on of something.

It lights me up to do it. And that, for a cancer patient, is a kind of medicine.

Speaking of energy-fields: these are mobile phone-free events. Please switch off or leave it at home. Palden has been electrosensitive for decades, and now it's killing him. Besides, it's good for us all to have an EM-break, to tune into other frequencies. Hope you don't mind.

The top photo is by Penny Cornell, and the lower two are by Lynne Speight. Thanks to both.
Palden Jenkins. Photo by Penny Cornell.
Magic Circles in 2022
with Palden Jenkins

Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Saturday 13th August 2022

Saturday 24th September 2022

Also, in Glastonbury in September:
The Tipping of the Scales
Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury
Friday 9th Sept 2022
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