A Selection of Best Photos - Photos by Palden Jenkins

Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
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A Selection of Best Photos

Best Photos | A Collection
on a wide and random range of themes and subjects.
Visual confection for your ocular begogglement!

Photos can be ordered for use on websites and in print.
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Clockwise from top:
Cloudscape over the Celtic Sea, Cornwall
Stonechat, Botallack, Cornwall
Church and Mosque, Bethlehem, Palestine
Mountains near Kvikkjokk, Swedish Lappland
Carn Boel, south of Land's End, Cornwall
Gentleman, Ericeira, Portugal
What's that? Two Germans, Sinai, Egypt
Above left:  A simulacrum in granite, Trencrom Hill, Cornwall
Left:  Bluebells, Trencrom Hill, near Hayle, Cornwall
Below left:  Bedouin lady, Bethlehem, Palestine
Below right:  Street cat terrorist, Bethlehem, Palestine
Above right: Greenscape,
Danebury hillfort, Hampshire
Right: Gwella (L) and Treen (R),
two gulls, Falmouth, Cornwall
Left: Ribblehead Viaduct, Yorkshire Dales
Below: St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Left: The Umayyad Mosque at the Citadel, Amman, Jordan
Below left: Cat in sun, Botrea Farm, Cornwall
Below: Carn les Boel (nearest), Carn Barra and
Carn Guthensbras, near Land's End, Cornwall
Below right: Standing stone, near Lanyon Quoit, Penwith, Cornwall
Above: Mountains above Jokkmokk,
Lappland, Sweden
Right: Conifer buds, Treviscoe, Cornwall
Below right: Wave, Porthcurno, Cornwall
Below: traditional Swedish house,
Östhammar, Sweden
Above: Stones, Sinai, Egypt
Left: The Isles of Scilly from
near St Just on the Cornish mainland
Below left: Fullmoon over Saudi Arabia
Below right: Boy with bread
Al Aqaba, Palestine.
Above: Portuguese townscape, Algarve
Above right: Palestinian carpets, Bethlehem
Right: Buddha at Westonbirt Arboretum, Warwickshire
Next two below: Roman temple of Apollo
at the Citadel, Amman, Jordan
Below left: Mule, Al Aqaba village,
northern West Bank, Palestine
Above: Conifers, Batsford Arboretum, Warwickshire
Left: Boscawen-
ûn stone circle, West Penwith, Cornwall
Below left: Budleigh, Botrea Farm, Cornwall
Below right: Two Bedouin and a Palestinian Christian, Bethlehem
Österhamn, Uppland, Sweden
Above: Cherries, Bethlehem, Palestine
Left: Boy transfixed in crop circle, Wiltshire
Below left: Castle Rigg stone circle, Cumbria
Below right: Adam's Grave,
Alton Barnes, Wiltshire
Above left: Log pile, Mynyddcerrig, Wales
Left: Cat at work, Mynyddcerrig, Wales
Below left: Beech nuts, Danebury hill fort, Hampshire
Below right: Simulacrum, Gurnard's Head, Cornwall
Above: Flotsam, Falmouth, Cornwall
Upper right: Military occupation,
Hebron, Palestine
Lower right: Bread delivery,
Hebron, Palestine
Below right: Bumblebees' paradise,
Carn Boel, Cornwall
Below left: Longships Lighthouse,
Land's End, Cornwall
Left: Jericho and the Jordan Valley,

All photos © Palden Jenkins 2005-2013
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