Welcome to Samsara | Best Photos 2 - Photos by Palden Jenkins

Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
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Welcome to Samsara | Best Photos 2

Welcome to Samsara
More from my collection of best photos

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Above left: A View over Bethlehem
from Beit Jala, Palestine
Above: Cape Cornwall and the Brisons,
West Penwith, Cornwall
Above right: The mountains of Padjelanta
above Kvikkjokk, Lappland, Sweden
Right: The Armed Knight, Land's End, Cornwall
Below: Palestinian lady, Hebron, Palestine
Above: Bedouin ladies, Sinai, Egypt
Above left: Mother, Yatta, Palestine
Left, and next two: Palestinian fruit and vegetable sellers, Bethlehem, Palestine
Above right and right: Cats, cow and wounded swallow, Botrea Farm, Cornwall
Left: Figs, Bethlehem, Palestine
Above: Highland Cow, Cape Cornwall
Left: Swans in transit, Falmouth, Cornwall
Below left: Seagull, Gwithian, Cornwall
Below: Golden Eagle, Roslagen, Sweden
Lower down: Reindeer, Kvikkjokk,
Swedish Lappland
Above upper: the separation wall around East Jerusalem, Palestine
Above left: Old City, Jerusalem
Above right: Tel Aviv from Arabic Jaffa
Left and below left: the ancient village
of Irtas, Bethlehem, Palestine
Left: Nativity Church
and Omar Mosque, Bethlehem, Palestine
Right: Old Town, Bethlehem
Below: Star Street, Bethlehem
Below right: Church of the Nativity
The people of Bethlehem,
Above & left: The Hurlers stone circle,
Minions, Cornwall
Below left: Rollright Stones, Warwickshire
Below right: Tregeseal stone circle, Cornwall
Above & right: Treviscoe stone circle, Cornwall - recently built
Below: Stanton Drew stone circle, Somerset - anciently built
Above left: Syrian Orthodox Church,
Bethlehem, Palestine
Above right: Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, Cornwall
Left: Kvikkjokk church, Swedish Lappland
Below: Mar Saba monastery,
Judean Desert, Palestine
Above left: Celtic Oratory, Cape Cornwall
Above right: Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire
Right: Old Town, Bethlehem
Below right: Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Left: Seals sleeping, Godrevy Head, Cornwall
Right: Thistles, near Falmouth, Cornwall
Below left: Higher Hill Wood, Lelant, Cornwall
Below right: Leaves, Forest of Dean
Bottom: St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

A selection of best photos by Palden Jenkins

All photos © Palden Jenkins 2005-2013
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