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A selection of Best Photos 3 | by Palden Jenkins

Welcome to Samsara 3
Yet more from my collection of best photos

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The Old Town of Bethlehem, Palestine | Photo: Btlhm-21094
Two old inhabitants of Bethlehem, Palestine | Photo: btlhm-ppl-9654
Two inhabitants of Botrea Farm, Cornwall | Photo Botrea-30067
Waterfall, Brecon Beacons, Wales | Photo Christmas-15989

Above left: Old Town, Bethlehem, Palestine
Above: two old Bethlehem inhabitants
Above right: on Botrea Farm, Cornwall
Right: waterfall, Brecon Beacons, Wales
Below: starling conference, Wiltshire

Starling conference, Wiltshire | Photo Cropcircles-20672
Waves, Marazion, Cornwall | Photo Cornwall_3259
Bovine resident, Gurnard's Head, Cornwall | Photo Gurnardshead_7690
Pupils at Hope Flowers School, Bethlehem, Palestine | Photo HFC-15997

Above: waves, Marazion, Cornwall
Above left: calf, Gurnard's Head, Cornwall
Left: pupils at Hope Flowers School,
Bethlehem, Palestine
Below: Israeli checkpoint,
southern West Bank, Palestine

Israeli checkpoint, southern West Bank, Palestine | Photo Hebron-area-14079
Laid wheat in a crop circle, Wiltshire, UK | Photo CC-11382
Kestrel, Carn les Boel, Cornwall | Photo Carnlesboel-23509
Geneva, Switzerland | Photo Geneva-19050

Above: laid wheat in a crop circle, Wiltshire
Above right: Kestrel, Carn les Boel, Cornwall
Right: Geneva, Switzerland
Below: Godrevy Point, Cornwall
Below left: thawing river,
Kvikkjokk, Swedish Lappland
Lower down: the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Godrevy Point, Cornwall | Godrevy_15040
The thaw, Kvikkjokk, Swedish Lappland | Kvikkjokk-27645
The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem | Jerusalem_10075
Pordenack Point, Cornwall | Landsend_16010
Supermoon over Cornwall | Botreamoon-29108
Welsh Sheep | Powys_6354
Rollright Stones stone circle, Warwickshire | Rollright-25964

Further above: Pordenack Point, Cornwall
Above left: Apogee Supermoon, Cornwall
Above right: Welsh sheep, Powys, Wales
Right: The Rollright Stones, Warwickshire
Below right: Sinai Desert, Egypt
Lower right: Qanas the dog, Sinai, Egypt
Lower left: reindeer, Padjelanta, Lappland

Sinai Desert, Egypt | Sinai-21593
Qanas the dog, Sinai, Egypt | Sinai-21672
Reindeer, Padjelanta, Swedish Lappland | Staloluokta-18778
Honeysuckle, Treviscoe, Cornwall | Treviscoe_17669
Ingleborough, Yorkshire Dales | Yorksdales-13313

Above: Honeysuckle, Treviscoe, Cornwall
Left: Ingleborough, Yorkshire Dales
Below left: Sufi tomb, Nabi Musa,
Judaean Desert, Palestine
Below right: Robin, Treviscoe, Cornwall

Tombs, Judaean Desert, Palestine | Judaea-21039
Robin, Treviscoe, Cornwall | Treviscoe_16357
Godrevy Point from Trencrom Hill, Cornwall | Trencrom-00773
Horse, Pembrokeshire, Wales | Wales-13084
Cliffs, Algarve, Portugal | Portugal-21084

Above: Horse, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Above right: Godrevy Point, Cornwall
Right: cliffs, Algarve, Portugal
Below left: Israeli watchtower & minaret,
Rachel's Tomb, Bethlehem, Palestine
Below right: cats, Rock Sea Camp, Sinai, Egypt
Lower down: Judaean Desert & Dead Sea,
from Ubeidiya, Palestine

Cats, Rock Sea Camp, Sinai, Egypt | Sinai-21624
Israeli Watchtower and Palestinian Minaret, Bethlehem | Btlhm-22956
Judaean Desert and Dead Sea, Palestine | Ubeidiya-21266
Old tin mine, Botallack, Cornwall | Botallack-27346
Girl, Bethlehem, Palestine | Btlhm_9042

Above: tin mine, Botallack, Cornwall
Left: Girl, Bethlehem, Palestine
Below left: Cape Cornwall, Cornwall
Below right: Children, Yatta, Palestine
Lower down: Ducks on Christmas Day,
Brecon Beacons, Wales

Cape Cornwall, Cornwall | CapeKenidjak-24351
Children, Yatta, Palestine | Hebron-area-13985
Ducks at Christmas, Brecon Beacons | Christmas-16080
Seed pod, Al Khader, Palestine | HFS-area_11721
Lappish mountains, Kvikkjokk, Sweden | Kvikkjokk-28258

Above: Seedpod, Al Khader, Palestine
Left: the Padjelanta mountains in Lappland,
above Kvikkjokk, Sweden
Below left: Simulacrum,
Pordenack Point, Cornwall
Below right: Gulls, Land's End, Cornwall

Gulls, Lands End, Cornwall | Landsend-23423
Simulacrum, Pordenack Point, Cornwall | Landsend_16024
Men an Tol, Penwith, Cornwall | Menantol_16775
Raven, Pordenack Point, Cornwall | Landsend-29112

Up left: Men an Tol, Penwith, Cornwall
Left: Raven, Pordenack Point, Cornwall
Below left: Rocks, Sinai, Egypt
Below right: Bluebells, Treviscoe, Cornwall

Sinai Desert, Egypt | Sinai-21596
Bluebells, Treviscoe, Cornwall | Treviscoe_17870
Bedouin vegetable sellers, Bethlehem, Palestine | Btlhm-ppl-xmas-20207
Clouds, Botrea, Cornwall | Botrea-25918
Mary and mosque, Irtas, Bethlehem, Palestine | Btlhm-Irtas_13029

Above: Bedouin ladies, Bethlehem, Palestine
Above right: Clouds, West Penwith, Cornwall
Left: Holy well, Carn Euny, Cornwall
Right: Mother Mary & village minaret, Irtas,
Bethlehem, Palestine
Below: My late father Julian, Yorkshire Dales

Holy Well, Carn Euny, Cornwall | Bartinney_15087
My late father, Yorkshire Dales | Yorksdales-19234

Welcome to Samsara
A collection of best photos by Palden Jenkins

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