Photos of Glastonbury - Photos by Palden Jenkins

Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
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Photos of Glastonbury

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury is my former home, where I lived for 28 years until 2008.

I spent years systematically photographing the town and its sights from all angles,
as webmaster of Glastonbury's website Isle of Avalon, for eight years.

To see the captions, move your cursor away from the photo.

These Glastonbury photos I developed as part of my role as Glastonbury's town webmaster. Many shots of Glastonbury that you see online and in print show just the main sights in the town, giving an unrealistic impression of the place. So I set out to systematically shoot Glastonbury from all angles and in many lights. This is just a sample of this collection - photos of people and events are not included here.

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