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Palden Jenkins
Photo Collection
Palden Jenkins
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Use of Palden Jenkins' photos


All of the photos on this website are copyright and may be used only with the permission of the photographer, Palden Jenkins.
This isn't just about money, because I charge for photo usage in some cases and not in others. This concerns a couple of issues:
  • it's good to ask permission to use someone's work
  • it's interesting to track the usage of my pictures and the benefits they might bring
  • I seek to check that photos are not being misused
  • for commercial or otherwise profitable usages, a charge applies
  • charges generally do not apply for photos of Palestine if they are to be used for non-profit causes supporting the people of Palestine.
  • charges for other photos do not apply if used for charitable or other good causes or by people I know and like or with whom I have made an agreement. In both cases usage permission in advance of use is still necessary.
  • If photos are found being used without permission or for uses other than those agreed, action will follow and future usage permission is unlikely to be granted.

How to seek usage permission

If you wish to use single or multiple photos from this website, please identify them clearly and inform me of them by e-mail. They are available in two different formats and sizes, for internet and print usage. Unless requested otherwise, internet format is 1024px wide, 72dpi, while print format is 300dpi and around 3000px wide (varying).

If large numbers of photos are to be transferred, this will be done via the online service Dropbox.

Thanks for your cooperation!



By the way, just in case you thought it's easy going round just snapping pics, it's not quite like that! To take good photos one must be in a photographic 'zone', outside ordinary life and observing, not fully participating.

In some ways I feel I'm documenting existence on Planet Earth from an outsider's viewpoint, as if for people of other worlds. One must have one's perception capacities open for a good shot. There's a lot of walking and time involved.

Then, back home, there's the cataloguing, sorting and treatment of photos to be done. A good system is needed so that photos can be found quickly (I have around 30,000 photos, most of them in several versions).
Many are the great shots that are missed, because I didn't have my camera at the time, I wasn't ready, batteries had run out, there were wires and obstacles ruining the shot, or the bird moved or the situation changed too quickly.
Sometimes I get fed up of photography and just allow myself to live a normal life!
Some shots take a lot of work, to balance the colour and light or otherwise to improve a photo. Wires, cars and advertising billboards are common problems.

Privacy: I'm not interested in your private data. This site collects stats to observe general traffic only.
I don't capture data, give your data to others or make mailing lists. Any problems, contact me. Enjoy your visit!
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