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Simulacra | rock-beings in Cornwall

Simulacra are natural forms - such as rocks - that look like beings.
Trees, clouds and landscape features can qualify too, but here we're looking at rocks.
Simulacra are a symptom of the enchanted aspect of nature. And it's all in how you see things.

Here's a classic simulacrum - seen at Pordenack Point near Land's End
Pordenack Point, south of Land's End, Cornwall
Simulacrum near Pordenack Point, south of Land's End, Cornwall
Grumpy old man between Pordenack Point and Carn Boel, Cornwall

One of the world's richest places for simulacra
must be the area just south of Land's End around Carn Boel and Pordenack Point.
Here, the granite formed in ways which have produced many suggestive forms.

Watcher, near Pordenack Point, Cornwall. In the distance are the Isles of Scilly.
Big Chief looks out to sea, Pordenack Point, Cornwall.
Guardian of the Isles of Albion, Pordenack Point, Cornwall
Codger at Pordenack Point, Land's End
Simulacra choir, Pordenack Point, Land's End
Geodiscussions between the Watchers, Pordenack Point
Sitting in wait - near Carn Boel, Land's End, Cornwall
Simulacrum having an Andy Capp moment
It's the cosmo-lizard people
The Guardians of the Isles of Britain, Pordenack Point, Cornwall
Standing guard against Atlantic incursions, between Carn Boel and Pordenack Point
Watching and waiting, at Maen Castle, near Sennen, Cornwall
Ocean wave watchers, Pordenack Point, Cornwall
Ladies plotting, Pordenack Point
More guardian protectors of the Land of Britain, between Carn Boel and Pordenack Point, Land's End, Cornwall
The Irish Lady, Pol Men Du, between Land's End and Sennen, Cornwall
Denizen at Carn les Boel, south of Land's End, Cornwall
A jumble of beings, Carn Boel, Land's End, Cornwall
Simulacra watching the passage of time and tide, Pordenack Point
Sentries at Pordenack Point, guarding Britain's Atlantic coast
The cave at Nanjizal Bay, West Penwith, Cornwall
Hook-nosed spriggan on Carn Boel, Land's End, Cornwall
Busy not speaking to each other, near Pordenack Point
ET come back! Between Pordenack Point and Carn Boel
The Brissons, off Cape Cornwall - Gen de Gaulle drunk
Carn Gloose, near Cape Cornwall, St Just
Indian Chief, Chapel Porth, along from Porthtowan, Cornwall
Near Chun Castle (an ancient hill settlement above Morvah), Penwith, Cornwall

Now for some simulacra from
other parts of West Cornwall.
Wave your cursor over the picture
to find out where they are.

Distress! Gurnard's Head, near Zennor, West Penwith, Cornwall
Gurnard's Head, near Zennor, West Penwith, Cornwall
Long-nosed silent observer at the mouth of the Helford River, south of Falmouth
Surprise! Gurnard's Head, West Penwith, Cornwall
Meditation, Gurnard's Head, Cornwall
Gurnard's Head - Queen Elizabeth II, stargazing
Janus reincarnated, Gurnard's Head, Penwith, Cornwall
Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall
It's the Har Hars, Gwennap Head, Land's End, Cornwall
Contemplating the view, Cudden Point, Penwith, Cornwall
Father and son, between Prussia Cove and Cudden Point, Cornwall
Guardian Meerkat, Rinsey, near Porthleven, Cornwall
Guardian Meerkat, Rinsey, near Porthleven, Cornwall
Jowly geological pensioner, Rinsey, Porthleven, Cornwall
This one lives on the top of Trencrom Hill, an ancient settlement and power point above Hayle, Cornwall.
Porthcurno, Cornwall - a Mayan star-watcher (tilt your head to the right)
Gwennap Head, near Porthcurno, Cornwall
The Hound of the Gwennapies, Gwennap Head, Cornwall
Carn Kenidjak, near St Just, Cornwall
Workers of the World Unite! Carn Kenidjak, Cornwall
Or is it a nosey supervisor? Carn Kenidjak, St Just, Cornwall
Whitesand Bay, Sennen, Cornwall - lizard wozards
Gruff Watcher, Whitesand Bay, Sennen, Cornwall
Logan Rock, near Porthcurno, Cornwall
Nodding off at Whitesand Bay, Cornwall - with Sennen behind
Carnelloe Long Rock, Pendour Cove, Zennor, Cornwall

© All photos are copyright by Palden Jenkins. Use in any way, online or in print, requires permission.
For non-commercial use, usage often incurs no charge but permission is still needed to use them. For use in commercial contexts, please contact Palden.

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