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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Pods from the Far Beyond

Pods from the Far Beyond
With Palden Jenkins on voicebox and brainbox
from the far west of Cornwall, in the Isles of Britain

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Latest podcast: Soul Tribes
So, do you reckon the existence of your soul and psyche began here on Earth? Here, Palden talks about tribes, nations and civilisations, material and multidimensional, in which each and all of us have our roots as souls.
This is key to finding our true, deep identity, not solely as a product of Earthly evolutionary experience, but from a deeper level way beyond. It concerns the initial reason we decided, or it was decided, that we'd partake of the Earth experience.
If we anchor to this root source of our being, it can help us identify and serve the deeper purposes for which we came - to learn and, especially nowadays, to contribute. One of the great crimes of our time is withholding of our gifts and capacities - often because we think we're not good enough, not ready yet, or 'little me' will make no difference.
Yet we are part of larger soul-collectives. We need to peer beyond individualism to cleave to the contribution our soul-tribes seek to make. We are, after all, the people we've all been waiting for. And, if not now, when?
Recorded in Somerset while on tour. Worth hearing if you are attending Palden's magic circles. As a follow-up, try the podcast Close Encounters too. 27 mins.
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Palden JenkinsThis is an occasional series of insightful podcasts on a wide range of subjects by a 1960s veteran who never quite gave up. Now doing battle with bone marrow cancer (myeloma), I still have a few things to say and do before I go.

Whether or not you agree with this stuff, or whether or not I'm correct, I hope it connects a few dots, assisting your ruminations.

I've been a founder of several projects, a writer and editor of quite a few books, a speaker from many stages, a humanitarian, peacemaker, seer and historian. Oh, and an astrologer and geomancer. And a webmaster... it goes on, the list.

These podcasts tell of things learned along the way. The way continues. You never get to the destination - there's always more - though, strangely, accepting that makes getting there easier.

Since contracting cancer in 2019, I haven't been able to get around as before, so I just take short hobbling walks. Living in a homely cabin on an organic farm near Land's End, reasonably far from that madding crowd, I'm listening and watching, writing and podcasting whatever comes up as the zeitgeist twiggles my antennae. And yours. In a way, listeners like you pull it out of me.

When the weather is good, the recording studio is just down the field by a stream near the woods - with geese, crows and chaffinches providing soundscape services. Other times it's at my home. Or at the bronze age barrows up the hill on our farm. Or when someone takes me out for a clifftop jaunt.

These podcasts aren't scripted. Naturally I think up the subject and a few talking points. But it's quite spontaneous. When you've been giving attention to things over many decades, eventually they do come naturally!

Podcasts will appear here as they come. Do return or check my blog or Facebook page to see whether more have appeared. If you 'follow' my blog you'll be informed by e-mail when blog posts and podcasts come out.
Podcasts available now
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Why are we here, what for, and for whom?

Cancer and Dying
Keeping your spirits up in the darkest days
More thoughts from a cancer patient
All about transitioning out of this life
There's solitude and there's isolation

It's becoming a global issue
When life hits us with truths we didn't see
That strange matter of being alive on Earth

Quantum realisations and epiphanitic osmosis
and making the best out of a bad situation
Why we're all here, when we remember
Humanity's psychic unity

Where is home, really? Who are our true employers?
Our Earthly predicament and the lift-off point
A life-changing ET experience I had in 1972

The World
Events from the 1890s to the 2060s. Charts
Pragmatic solutions, no longer ideals
The planetarisation of consciousness. A bed rap

Ancient Mysteries
The technology in use in ancient times
Stone circles and consciousness work. Pics
Ancient Barrows and Geopolitical Healing. Pics
Fixing the Earth by Ancient Means
The Bronze Age and the Anthropocene Age

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Palden Jenkins
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