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Shining Land
The ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall
Palden Jenkins
Shining Land
Site nearly complete - organically growing
and what they tell us about megalithic civilisation
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Pics and Maps | 11 | Standing Stones

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Maps and images from Chapter Eleven:
Standing Stones
Menhirs in West Penwith, Cornwall, showing extant and removed menhirs and double menhirs.

Notice the conglomerations in the north and south of the peninsula. During the menhir-building period around 2300 BCE, the north was a settled landscape going back to the Neolithic, while the south was newly colonised - the menhirs played a part in that colonisation.
Banns Farm menhir
Trelew menhir
St Buryan church in the background
Carfury menhir
a major alignment centre and relay menhir
The Pipers double menhirs
two proxy menhirs at the Merry Maidens
Mȇn an Tol
formerly a stone circle
Not a menhir - a gatepost
From Trevorgans menhir - Chapel Carn Brea behind
The Merry Maidens complex of sites and alignments. Each stone circle is surrounded by a complex - usually carns or menhirs - rather like a constellation of sites.
The Kemyel-Swingate complex of menhirs above Lamorna. A mysterious collection of menhirs, a few theories have been put forward, and this is one - that it contains the stars of the Plough or Great Bear constellation.
For more pics of menhirs, click here
Shining Land
A book by Palden Jenkins about the ancient sites of West Penwith in Cornwall
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