Pics and Maps | 13 | Stone Circle Complexes - Shining Land

Shining Land
The ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall
Palden Jenkins
Shining Land
Site nearly complete - organically growing
and what they tell us about megalithic civilisation
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Pics and Maps | 13 | Stone Circle Complexes

For Readers > Part Two
Maps and images from Chapter Thirteen:
Stone Circle Complexes
The Merry Maidens stone circle complex
The Boscawen-ûn stone circle complex
The Tregeseal stone circle complex
The Nine Maidens stone circle complex
Carn Kenidjack as seen from a cairn near Carn Lês Boel - a six mile view
Shining Land
A book by Palden Jenkins about the ancient sites of West Penwith in Cornwall
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