Pics and Maps | 14 | Camps & Enclosures - Shining Land

Shining Land
The ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall
Palden Jenkins
Shining Land
Site nearly complete - organically growing
and what they tell us about megalithic civilisation
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Pics and Maps | 14 | Camps & Enclosures

For Readers > Part Two
Maps and images from Chapter Fourteen:
Hill Camps and Enclosures
Caer Brân
Chûn Castle with Chûn Quoit below
Castle an Dinas from above
Caer Brân from above
Inside Chûn Castle
On top of Trencrom Hill
Gateway menhirs at Faugan Round
Lesingey Round
Faugan Round from above
Shining Land
A book by Palden Jenkins about the ancient sites of West Penwith in Cornwall
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