Pics and Maps | 28 | the Heart of the World - Shining Land

Shining Land
The ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall
Palden Jenkins
Shining Land
Site nearly complete - organically growing
and what they tell us about megalithic civilisation
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Pics and Maps | 28 | the Heart of the World

For Readers > Part Five
Maps and images from Chapter Twenty-Eight:
The Heart of the World
Summit cairn on Chapel Carn Brea
Cairn on Sancreed Beacon
Summer solstice sun from Woon Gumpus
Mulfra Quoit with St Michael's Mount behind
Bosiliack Barrow from Lanyon Quoit
Carn Kenidjack as seen from the gateway to Ch√Ľn Castle
Shining Land
A book by Palden Jenkins about the ancient sites of West Penwith in Cornwall
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