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and how time passes
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Thank you for visiting this site. I'm Palden, and let me tell you about me and how this book came about.

I'm a Virgo with Gemini Moon and Sagittarius rising, born in 1950. A classic mercurial type, I'm involved in writing, editing books, building websites, photography, speaking and broadcasting. I'm an astrologer and historian too.

Saturn is prominent in my chart and I'm also very Jupiterian, with Sagittarius rising, four planets in the ninth house and Jupiter in Pisces as the handle of a Bucket formation. This has moved me to dedicate my life to charitable, spiritual and humanitarian issues - for example, I work in Bethlehem, Palestine, and I've written a book about that, here.

I started learning astrology in 1971 and my life as an astrologer started properly in 1978. Since then I've counselled thousands of people, taught astrology and researched areas of astrology that interest me - mainly timecycles, as in this book and in the Historical Ephemeris. I was the founder of the astrology camps in UK, starting in Glastonbury in 1984. I was most active in astrology in the 1980s-90s, but you never really stop being an astrologer, and I still use it in my humanitarian and political work in the Middle East and in other contexts.

It all started out because I was a young hippy in the 1960s, taking psychedelics and exploring the meaning of life, and also because, after going to university (London School of Economics), I was deeply disappointed in the psychology and social sciences I learned there. It was geared toward fitting people into the economic system, not toward a greater understanding of the human psyche and the human condition - and fitting society to that.

Then there were the psychedelics - these started my spiritual awakening. I couldn't figure out why, if I took exactly the same amount of exectly the same kind of acid, each trip would be radically different. Something else must be at work, thought I. This is what prompted me to start thinking about the nature of time.

I met an American astrologer who gave me an astrological session, and it blew me away. How could this woman from Kansas (Evie Grow) know that much about me when she'd only just met me? Before long, I was ploughing through astrology books - the main one being Dane Rudhyar's pioneering and seminal work, The Astrology of Personality. I started studying transits of the planets to my astrological chart. This quickly became a core element in my self-discovery process.

Moving from London to the mountains of Wales in 1972, I studied astrology intensively while there. Later, living in Sweden from late 1974 onwards, I was hesitant (being a Saturnine Virgo, aware of my imperfections) to start practising as an astrologer until a friend came along saying "Here's some money and my birth data, and I'm returning tomorrow for a session with you!". That shocked me - it was my Saturn Return and I wasn't feeling too confident at the time - but the session went well, and I continued from there.

By 1984, back in UK, I started the living astrology camps (and educational camps on other holistic subjects too), initially in Glastonbury. The astrology camps continued for years, in various incarnations, later run by others. Then in 1986 I was asked by Alick Bartholomew at Gateway Books to write an astrology book. This became the first edition of this book, then called Living in Time. The book sold quite well (3,000 copies) and later went out of print, and I still receive quite a few e-mails about it now. Twenty-five years later, I realised a new edition was needed. For some reason, no one had done a book improving on or replacing mine.

As a historian interested in world change and how it happens, I compiled the Historical Ephemeris, published in 1993. Much of the work was done in 1989-90 with the computer assistance of Neil Michelson and Rob Hand in USA, and Nancy Lavoie in Cape Cod, Massachussetts.

By the late 1990s I was becoming more involved in humanitarian and peacebuilding work and my astrological work slipped to the side, though it was still active. Nevertheless, in getting to grips with the complexities of the Middle East and the issues that arise when I'm there, I still use astrology as an intelligence-gathering tool.

One good experience in the early 2000s was a group of astrologers in Glastonbury, where I lived - all of us experienced astrologers with at least 20 years' study - and the standard of discussion and research was high and very valuable. I had a particularly good dialogue with Barry Goddard (Dharmaruci), because of our shared interest in the astrology of politics and current affairs - he writes an excellent astrological blog.

Throughout my life I have been involved in ancient mysteries research (dowsing, leylines, ancient sites, also crop formations), and interestingly, Living in Time was particularly popular with pagans and earth mysteries buffs. When Penwith Press, normally focused on dowsing and earth mysteries, expressed an interest in the book, I realised that it was time, 28 years (a Saturn cycle) after the first book, to do a new edition. And here it is.

I hope you enjoy the book. On this site are some supplementals, not included in the book, for your interest.

Oh, and my latest book, Shining Land, about the megalithic era and the ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall, is here.

Best wishes from me

Palden Jenkins

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