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Power Points in Time
and how time passes
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Graphs from the book


The graphs in the book were printed rather small, so here are some larger versions to peruse.

These were hand-drawn in the 1980s, before computers changed everything in the computation of astrological charts.

The vertical axis shows the degrees of all signs - thus showing all main aspects that are functions of 30 degrees.

In the top graph, the Jupiter-Saturn graph shows conjunctions, oppositions and squares only.
In the 1983-87 graph, notice the ongoing Neptune sextile Pluto and the hovering opposition between Chiron and Uranus.
In the 1990-95 graph, notice the historic Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993.

Outer planetary movements 1965-1999
Planetary motions, 1983-87
Planetary motions 1990-95
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