Power Points in Time

Power Points in Time
and how time passes
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Power Points in Time, a book by Palden Jenkins
Are you affected by fullmoons?
Have you noticed how events seem to come in waves?
How sometimes things work easily

and other times they're like an obstacle course?

Power Points in Time is a handbook for understanding time
and how it moves, changes, ebbs and flows -
using the language and techniques of astrology.

Lunation cycles, the cycle of the year, the solstices, equinoxes and
cross-quarters, planetary movements, line-ups and configurations.

The book ranges from small-scale, daily-life events to year-by-year issues, through to longterm cycles affecting history. It focuses on peak times when far more issues are decided than at other times, and when game-plans change.

You don't have to be an astrologer to understand this book: it starts with the basics and gives all the necessary details a beginner needs. Meanwhile, if you're familiar with astrology you'll enjoy the book's rather different focus on timecycles.

If you're a thinking person, a lover of nature, a humanity-watcher, an observer of our times, or if you're seeking clues about the meaning of life, Power Points in Time has something for you.

It will help you understand more about what's going on, digging deeper into the meaning of life and what's unfolding today.

It's useful for broadening your general knowledge and helping you navigate life's labyrinth with better results and a bit less struggle.

Astrology gives a way of seeing things that informs and deepens many other interests, from gardening to stock markets to meditation. It gives a framework for understanding how time and its cycles work - useful for navigating the rest of your life.

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The stone circle on the cover of the book and at the top of this site is the Merry Maidens in West Penwith, Cornwall, UK. The lunar eclipse was photographed in Bethlehem, Palestine, in 2011. The background graphic on this site is Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, with the setting sun photographed at Kalymnos, Greece. The bottom bar is the Nine Maidens, Penwith, Cornwall. All photos by Palden Jenkins

Power Points in Time
is published by and
available from
Penwith Press

or from the author
or decent bookshops

Illustrations by Jan Billings
and charts and diagrams
by the author


Power Points in Time is a completely revised edition
of the book Living in Time
first published in 1987
by Gateway Books


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