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From Chapter 10 on Power Points in Time:

Power Points:
The Urania Trust Conference

There was an interesting power point on the weekend of 8th-10th February 1986, when Halley’s Comet reached its closest point to the Sun in its 76-year trajectory, conjuncting the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, on a newmoon – a good time for the start of something new. There was also a strong conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter close by in Aquarius.

Clearly this was an ideal time for a get-together. In addition there was a wide conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius with Uranus close by, and the Mars-Saturn conjunction was opposed by Chiron and part of a configuration called a Yod, linking up with Neptune and Pluto.

I went to an astrologers’ conference that weekend, which happened to start off a new trend in cooperation between astrologers in Britain, after a period of bickering and dissension. The organisers knew it could be an auspicious weekend, but they didn’t know how things would actually pan out.

The late Charles Harvey, a leading figure in the British astrological community at the time, wrote to me describing the way the conference fell together. "When in December 1985 I noticed this newmoon I realised it would be an ideal opportunity to launch the Urania Trust’s fundraising campaign with a suitable press conference. We decided to put on some lectures too. Overnight a full-blown conference materialised! In the event, in less than six weeks we got over 500 people to that weekend conference, in the middle of winter. It was a great success, but the press conference and the fund-raising aspects were almost non-existent!".

This is a classic example of the way that something which seems  meant to happen can come about, often using pretexts which later land up being irrelevant – almost a trick of fate. As John Lennon once sang, life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. In situations such as this, where we are unwittingly picking up on something the universe seems to want to happen, we need to be flexible and intuitive in the way we see and arrange things. In this case the organisers were sufficiently open to the intuitive thread of what was developing, and magic happened.

In Britain alone, some fifteen conferences and major meetings were reported for that weekend in the media. Organisers in many different places had chosen this time for all sorts of individual reasons but, nevertheless, they were all obeying something. Such congruence ranged from Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party to a major dog show to the Urania Trust for astrologers, and a variety of outcomes were generated. It was a heady, whizzy weekend: a conference just one week later would have missed the available energy.

By the way, comets are not customarily used in astrology, but at that weekend the astrologers couldn’t help but notice it, and the conference did have a special flavour to it. It was agreed that comets, by dint of their short-lived visitations, are bringers of a new seed to be planted at the time – an insert into the collective psyche. At least, this was the case that weekend.

Power Periods

If you observe temporal power points you will find all sorts of variations of power point taking place in different instances. We’re in a period of history when major energy-surges are taking place with growing intensity. This is not exactly an astrological issue since planetary motions and configurations are not themselves rising in intensity or frequency – they chug along through history as they always have.

What’s different today is the intensifying planet-wide situation, involving humanity and all that humanity affects. Never before have so many people been alive and experiencing life and its issues, and never has our planet been engineered, affected and wrecked by us to the degree that is the case now. In addition, the habitat destruction, pollution, climate change, urbanisation and so on have grown by a daunting degree in very recent times – the world’s population has doubled since the 1960s. So today we are prone to all manner of shocks, crises and potential great-leaps-forward. The curve of change is rising toward some sort of critical point in human evolution.

What might in the past have been a medium-scale power point in time can thus become major in significance because the stakes are so high and the impact of a crisis today can be so much greater than before – more people die, more issues are raised, there is more to lose, and repercussions can be bigger and more complex. A major earthquake in former times might have affected some hundreds or thousands of people, but nowadays it can affect millions and have wide repercussions in terms of migration, welfare, insurance, economics, commodity supplies, trade and general disruption.

Longterm historical changes such as the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15, which is the waxing square in a 143-year cycle starting in 1965-66, are more like power-periods than power points. Over the three years, the square goes in and out of aspect, turning it into a process with peaks and intermissions. Within these power-periods, lesser power points accentuate the themes and dynamics that are rumbling on, acting as smaller waves sitting atop a bigger wave and highlighting different facets of the overall issue at hand. In the context of centuries, three or ten years are peanuts, and such a period plays a part in the larger historical context – it’s a moment in history, a significant paragraph in the annals of time.

In the case of disasters, in the period 2012 to 2015, and the 2-3 years’ buildup too, we have had wars, revolutions, earthquakes, hurricanes, a nuclear accident, ethnic cleansing, economic and consequent social issues, refugees and migrants, all testing our capacities and causing a lot of difficulty for the many people involved. It’s an ongoing multi-faceted disaster. It is not the first time such things have happened, yet they are reaching a critical intensity, raising many questions about the nature of life, civilisation and the future. Things are unlikely to quieten down and return to normal anytime soon. The new normal is an ongoing crisis.

These events are manifestations of an underlying mass soul-educational process, highlighted at spike-moments, that registers in the world’s psyche, activating evolutionary responses from us as nations and societies. Events and human preoccupations take on symbolically-charged formats – a never-ending movie of murders, riots, court-cases, politicians’ pronouncements, storms, droughts, breakdowns and breakups with an intensity never seen before, amplified globally by incessant media-coverage. Sea-level rise, an issue anticipated in connection with climate change, more deeply symbolises event-level rise.

The courageous man with a briefcase, single-handedly facing down a line of tanks in the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, China, in 1989, symbolising ‘people against the machine’, said more than any great politician’s speech could say, and he didn’t utter a word. He just pointed his umbrella at the tanks and they stopped! That’s a manifestation of the working of true power, by a little, faceless guy who nobody knew. He was manifesting particularly the Chiron in Cancer which took part in the line-up of the time – a small, vulnerable person nevertheless capable of stalling the megamachine.

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