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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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Archive of former work

Palden's Archive
of past works and projects

This archive includes work I have carried out particularly since 1990ish. I've done a lot of output over the years, and this is a fair sample of what is visible. Much of my work has involved creating connections, working with people, conceiving ideas, teaching, broadcasting and writing, starting projects and being involved in the early beginnings of many things.
Someone said I ought to write an autobiography. The idea of writing a full autobiography doesn't light me up, though I've written a brief autobiography here: short autobiog with plenty of links to more biographical information if sought.
A 2007-08 series of radio programmes for Glastonbury Radio, called This is the Light Programme.
Revised and republished in 2003, this was the second edition of a map I published in 1982, showing the power centres, leylines and ancient coastline around Glastonbury
My research into the ancient sites, alignments and prehistory of West Penwith, Cornwall, in which I made many discoveries
Astrological tables, timelines and articles about cycles of history and the motions of the planets over a 2,500 year period
A selection of articles written during the 1990s and 2000s, on geopolitics, history, crop formations and other items of interest
A world-healing project in the 1990s using meditation and group process to address the inner elements behind world events.
An all-round report on the possible condition of Planet Earth and its people in the mid-21st Century. It's available free online.
Here are the books I have written, some of them in print and some online and available free on this site
A readable book and website about my work in Palestine, real life in an occupied country, and my life, friends and activities there.
A book on deep geopolitics, from 2003 - this online version is an abbreviated edition of the printed book - the essentials.
A blog sharing my experiences as a cancer patient and my thoughts and insights on life, death, the world and many other things
Online archive version of a 1987 book on astrological timecycles, the sun, the moon, planetary line-ups and power points in time
A popular web portal I created for the town of Glastonbury in 1996-2006, still online and virtually untouched since then.
Podcasts published from 2020 onwards
The archive of a trailblazing world-healing meditation and inner aid group I was involved with for years
Selections of best photos taken since 2005
The ancient sites of West Penwith and what they say about megalithic civilisation. A book on the engineering of consciousness.
Recordings of live talks I have given over time

The Archive of Palden Jenkins

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