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Bluebells to grace your computer screen!


The Bluebell Screensaver

68 pictures of bluebells to grace your computer screen

by Palden Jenkins

Bluebell Screensaver

These are pictures of bluebells taken during the spring of 2010
in West Cornwall, around Trencrom Hill above the town of Hayle.

Bluebells are such a blessed plant, full of joy and colour,
communicating the wondrous spirit and beauty of nature.

In this collection you will even see a picture of a
rare white or albino bluebell (see left).

Do enjoy having this screensaver on your computer!

Click here to download (18Mb)

Right-click on the link above, choose 'Save Target As...'
and save it to your 'My Pictures' folder.
Save this zipfile to your 'My Pictures' folder and unzip.
Instructions and notes are to be found in the zipfile.

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