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Palden Jenkins
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Circle of Souls | World Healing

World Healing Work
in a Quiet Circle of Souls

In 2019 I went down (or up) with cancer, coming close to dying. This caused me to review my life and what I'd done and not done. Over the decades I've worked and organised a lot in the field of world healing. I realised I had knowhow and ideas in this area which, before I pop my clogs, I should get down in writing.
Here are some observations and ideas around world healing, with some useful insights and resources. These are my own perceptions and understandings. My prayer is that it might lend impetus to future world healing work, taken up by good souls who feel called to work at it. Good luck. This is for you.

An interesting quote to ponder...
Intelligence is not what we know, but what we do when we don't know - Jean Piaget (psychologist).
What interests me is a particular kind of world healing: special ops healing  addressing some of the knottier questions in our world - issues that hold the world back. It often involves responding to major world events and crises as they arise, to work with the deeper principles lying behind them, with the aim of accelerating humanity's learning process and forward evolution.

I encourage you to do world healing their own way, drawing on the methods you already use. If you're a Buddhist, Muslim, New Ager or simply following your path, do it your way. What connects us is shared intent and a common aim - teamwork. The advantage of doing it our own way is that we're dealing with tricky issues, and a multi-pronged approach is advantageous.

When people work together in groups and networks, they amplify the effects of their work, particularly as they synergise as a team. It becomes more of a group process. If numbers and group focus increase, it becomes possible to take on larger issues.

If you shower a dictator, terrorist, corporate polluter or any other perceived 'bad guy' with light and love, they are unlikely to respond as you might wish. They might see it as a threat, reacting and doing the opposite to what we might want. If you surround the Earth with radiant indigo healing-waves, they will percolate through to those who are receptive, but not necessarily to those who do the damage, or who cause difficulty, pain and destruction, whether on a small or a big scale. They generally don't resonate on or respond to such energy-frequencies.

Scorhill stone circle, Dartmoor, Devon
So while such an approach has its value, widely and in the longterm, something is missing. The elements and situations that can block progress are not really addressed. Raising the level of the planet and its people - 'lightworking' - does help the world, yet a ‘special operations’ approach is necessary too.

Let’s look again at showering Earth with love and light. It works like rainfall, seeping and flowing through or around anything that obstructs its flow, but some blockages don’t budge and can even grow. These then become problematic and critical. This is where ‘special ops’ innerwork methods become more necessary.

‘Special ops’ innerwork is a bit like surgical medicine. Its virtue lies in its capacity to address the knotty problems that get in the way of the world’s overall progress. One localised war can stall progress on a global scale, diverting the main focus away from cooperative, concerted, multilateral corrective actions into one of division, rivalry, polarisation, pain and conflict.

While there is hunger and violence, the world is de-humanised and de-sensitised, and world moral standards go into decline. While the skies are polluted, global health is constrained. While abusers of power are in office, the world’s public cannot trust its leaders or the political process.

So special operations world healing involves taking something of an interventionist position. Not with the aim of imposing our own idea of what should happen, but to facilitate processes of change and resolution whereby good outcomes come about. This approach and a more generalised ‘lightworking’ approach are not mutually exclusive, and both can be done in different situations and in different instances, but they are nevertheless different.

For more on these issues, try two PodTalks from my Magic Circles of 2022: About World Healing (58 mins) and Helping the People of Pakistan (70 mins).

Listen more closely to things than to people - Xhosa wisdom from South Africa.
You are not as inadequate as you would like to believe. We have begun a new time in your land, your world and your universe, a time for you to remove the string that attaches you to the past time in the physical, and to doubt.
There will be not one but a large collection of beings that will together raise the level of consciousness of this planet.
It is important that you understand that what you call 'God' is in each and every one of you, and that 'God' is love, and it is the love that creates the one 'God'. Those that come and say they are the messiah are not the true messiah. When they call themselves masters, they are not masters.
It is important that you do not deify us. We do not seek followers.
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