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Palden Jenkins
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Palden Jenkins
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Meditative Availability and Presence

Meditative Availability

This isn’t a matter of being a perfect meditator. It’s a matter of making ourselves available to ‘HP Source’, the Management, and improving our inner dialogue with the Source. Whatever is going on in the front of our minds, things also go on in the back of our psyches, and deep down in places we’re not entirely aware of.
It does help to be in calm circumstances where quietness and meditation are conducive but, if that’s not possible, the next best thing is to reserve a part of your psyche for ‘meditation mode’ and then the other part with dealing with the situation you’re in.

Even so, if you're amongst people or at a party, it’s good to pull back and perhaps sit quietly in a corner of the room, or outside. Try to avoid the presence of anger, loud music or extreme disturbance.

I’ve found it is possible to have an undemanding conversation or to walk along a path or sit in an airplane while in the meditation zone, but only if necessary.

Don't do it while driving a car. I’ve even gone through passport control and an Israeli checkpoint while in a semi-meditation state (it worked alright). Once upon a time I meditated in a field and, when I came to, fifty cows stood around, doing bovine meditation and heavy breathing exercises.

The more regularly you do it, the more you are incorporated and woven into the group teamwork, and ‘our friends upstairs’ synchronise you into it.

It's good to be clear with others around you that you are not available to them at meditation time and that you need at least their acquiescence in that. You become a better person by doing it, so it is in the interests of people close to you, even children, to let you do it.

The more you do the meditation, the easier it gets as it becomes more of a habit. The more you’re there, the more you’re in – this is a matter of presence, energy, attention and priority. For just over half an hour each week. Make yourself meditatively available.
Stanton Drew stone circle
Stanton Drew, North Somerset
You are not special, though in truth you are. But this does not remove responsibility from you or give you special accounts in the physical world.

There is no way that you can help others if you do not understand the joys, fears, sadness, despairs, loves and angers of the peoples that exist in the physical world.

What is past is past, and what is coming in the future does not make a difference at this moment. It is this moment in time which makes the difference. Each moment is a rebirth.

When humankind evolves and planet Earth is able to fulfil all that it was created for, then you release all the other civilisations in the universe, for them also to be in choice. Do you understand the importance of this?
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