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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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About Leaky Buckets

Leaky Buckets

If you are interested in continuing with this and further developing it, then the core aim is, over time, to help raise a group's energy to a higher and more intense level than is often found in other meditation link-ups, prayer circles, trainings or organisations. This is about quality, not just quantity of input, and it's about self-training, beavering away at things over a period of time and getting used to tackling issues that not many other people are able to address.
It’s all about creating a group containing-field that acts as a protection, transformer, energy-server, channel and container for an operational team that can become, over time, quite finely tuned, tested and trialled.

‘HP Source’, the Universe or 'God' is a wise and sensible energy-investor. It doesn’t blow energy on things that are leaky or unsustainable. It supports things that work – since there is a staff shortage on Earth and global-scale miracles take a lot of fixing.

If a group is sound, clear in its intent and practices, attentive to its boundaries and to the tone of all its dealings, it will hold its group energy-field well, encountering fewer problems, risks, power issues, splits and awkward group dynamics as it continues through time.

Energy-levels need to be safely raised one notch at a time. Progress is made as fast as the group learns to contain and hold the energy-field it generates.

Everyone in the group becomes responsible for their part of the security and safety of the group, for maintaining its truth-levels and its atmosphere. This is a soul-contract that needs agreement and respect if a group seeks to raise its energy and potency.

One option is to have an inner, committed group that works on a set of agreed principles and standards, and to have an outer group made up of people who perhaps lack the time and opportunity, but they would like to join in when and however they can.

An outer group plays an important part by adding weight and support to the inner group. If it is difficult to adhere to the energy-holding needed to be in the inner group, it is better to stay in the outer group. That's alright. Both groups are relevant to this work.

Rollright Stones, Warwickshire
Each being exists upon planet Earth, and each is a total individuality, containing the energy of a living star. It is the light of your soul. This is a path of happiness, for when you find the essence within yourself, then fear, which creates conflict, cannot completely control you. The difficulty is that you humans do not enjoy the thought that you can be part of each other.

Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom comes from within and cannot be taught, and the person that is wise does not say they are wise. One who is wise detaches, steps back, observes, and knows when to go forward without the ego of exploitation.
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