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Editor, writer and content creator


Editing | writing | publishing consultancy | web-content creation | author support

Editing and writing

I edited my first magazine in 1964 as a teenager and I haven't stopped crafting words since. I've written several books and have compiled, ghost-written and edited many books professionally for publishers and other authors.

My special areas of editing and writing expertise lie in mind-body-spirit, history, alternative knowledge, religious ideas, politics, international relations and social issues.

I have worked on books in subjects such as geology, ecology, cookery and diet, travel, tourist guides, memoirs, autobiographies and novels.

Ghost Writing

If you wish to write a memoir, autobiography or other kind of book and you don't have the time, skills, patience or confidence, then consider co-writing it with me or having me ghost-write it, using material provided by you. You don't have to have my name on the cover. If this interests you, contact me to discuss it.

Web-content creation

I'm a webmaster with a way with words, good at editing text and improving presentation. I can help you write your material for a website, pitch it to your audience and fine-tune your website, advising on design or creating material and features for you in words and pictures. I build websites myself, though if you wish to do your site yourself or engage another webmaster, I can help you prepare your material, organise your thoughts and handhold you through the process. For more details, go here.

Author support

For authors I am willing to review your book, advise on its publishability and produce a checklist of improvements needed. Fee generally 100-200 GBP (price depending on book length and other complexities). Additionally I help authors through some of the challenges of being an author - everything from backache to writer's block, avoiding waffle, improving plot, checking facts and language, dealing with publishers and handling authors' life-issues.


Here, I check the viability of a book's ideas, its key thesis, its style and the way the ideas are conveyed.

I have extensive and broad knowledge of many subjects and a keen and balanced sense of editorial judgement concerning what needs to be done to make a book work and get it published without subsequent regrets.

Sometimes a writer is a good thinker with brilliant ideas but perhaps they're not such a good writer, or they might be dyslexic or simply have insufficient time. Or sometimes they need to articulate things in the subtlest of ways or avoid making bloopers. I am willing to act as a co-writer or ghost-writer, though I usually do it for a pre-agreed fee.

Sometimes work has been translated from another language but it needs 'secondary translation' - a rework to make it succeed in the English-speaking world and market. A translation is really almost a rewrite.

What to do

If you're interested, first check my availability and send me a lowdown of the book in 1-2 pages. If I agree to do it, I will ask to see all or part of the manuscript and then feed back some details, ask questions and quote a price. If you're in a hurry or if it's complex with many loose ends, the price often rises. I can't find you a publisher (I'm not an agent). If you're self-publishing I can recommend you a trustworthy book-designer and stand behind you as you go through the process. If you want to have a website to accompany the book, I can advise on it or do it for you (see here).

My price depends not so much on the length of the book, but the amount of time, focus and complexity involved. For example, copious footnotes can soak up 30% of my time.

I can make your book work. There's nothing worse than a good book with typos, idiosyncracies, poorly articulated ideas or errors of writing - it will flop, expensively. A good editor or co-writer can make all the difference. If you're a publisher, professional service is assured.

Enquiries: e-mail me here

I live in West Cornwall, probably some way from where you live. Visiting me is possible (I'm six hours from London or Birmingham), but online contact is usually easiest.

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