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The essence of a crop formation
lies in its empty innermost
An article for the CCCS journal The Circular, 1994.
by Palden Jenkins

About 2,500 years ago the sage Lao Tzu taught that the purpose of a cup, a room or a person lies in its empty innermost. The same might be said for crop formations. Being brought up in a well-ingrained materialistic society where nothing is accepted unless proven and nothing is proven unless already accepted, we tend to focus on examining the corn itself and its patterns of lay, perceiving this as the main evidence to work with.

As a result I would suggest that we have become confused. In greater detail, we research the molecular composition of grain-stalks or the presence of radioactive isotopes, which we customarily view as biological structures and nuclear particles. However, these are also energy-wavelengths, perceptible slices of an immense energy spectrum, stretching outside our capacity to identify them. By our misconception, we miss a key to understanding the energies connected with the crop formations.

Theoretically, we do recognise that all detectable or manifest things are constituted of energy-waves locked into a multiplicity of transient combinations. Yet we are hesitant to go further, to really seek the possible language or clues contained in these waves. We are reluctant to cast off from the safe shore of Known Things. Nevertheless, crop phenomena and associated paranormal events oblige us to do so – especially when they seem to infiltrate the very roots of our psyches. Becoming a 'croppie' is a virtual guarantee that our very sense of reality and participation in it is irreversibly changing.

A crop formation is a footprint, an effect of a force that creates or inhabits it. But the footprint is not the same as whatever made that footprint. Formations clearly seem to be made by advanced multi-dimensional intelligences (MDIs), probably of non-earthly origin, and they seem also to suggest something about our future. However, investigating MDIs leads us to an unsettling conclusion that the distinction between earthly beings like us and non-earthly beings like them is rather hazy – we seem to be rather similar. 'Earthly' and 'non-earthly' or 'extraterrestrial' are cosmologically-xenophobic and relativistic concepts manufactured by humans. After all, we ourselves are multidimensional beings, capable of travelling in sleep, trance and imagination to the furthest reaches of the universe, and additionally we're pretty good at operating inside a dense physical body. We don't utilise these capacities fully, but they are there in our repertoire.

Multidimensional intelligences

Our compelling search for contact with the circle-makers betrays an unconscious emotional craving for reunion – reunion perhaps with long-lost kin, or even reuniting with ourselves on a new level. We're all MDIs. I have always sensed that croppies' motivation in doing what we do derives from a deep, indistinct 'remembering', driving us to spend time, money and energy on circle-chasing and on intense investigation of the circles. Few rational interests could equal this.

The MDIs – the circle-makers – instigating the formations seem themselves to be free of form, or of localisation in time and space. What makes us different from them is that we, as MDIs ourselves, are clad in dense physiques – weighty, organic, bone-held contraptions. Through the senses and organs of these physiques we participate in dense planetary reality. At least, that's what we do when we're 'awake'. In altered states and in our sleeping dream, though, we can fly as free as other MDIs - except perhaps with less adepthood.

We are MDIs with a special brief to live and work in this physical reality, to pull spirit into form, and to infuse physicality with the energy of higher intelligence. This can be done by less-physical MDIs too, such as ETs, but not without a concentration of effort and technology which has its technical problems in our sticky, tricky reality. They seem to be able to last only hours or days in our dense physical reality, whereas we seem to manage a whole lifetime.

Many MDIs are what we call ETs, though others are what we call 'supernatural' or 'spiritual' beings – though these are fallible, rigid labels. These less-physical MDIs, whatever their nature, seem to me to be involved with the engineering aspect of circle-making, in making them actually manifest in the corn, though possibly they do not instigate such activity. I would suggest that they are distantly set in motion by beings of a very 'high' nature, who never dip into our reality - they delegate the job to beings that can handle it.

What are the crop formations saying?

Through creating formations, the circle-makers demonstrate that such an engineering feat can be done, without the visible agency of any circle-making devices. These are not the imprints of UFOs: they are intentional designs created either remotely, by invisible technologies we don't know of, or psychokinetically.

One thing I suggest they are saying is: "You could do it too". In making the circles, the circle-makers go to great lengths to counteract our questionable belief that materiality is the only real reality, or that physical objects can be modified only by physical things.

Yet, by dint of their location close to ancient sites, the crop formations draw attention to the megalithic ancient remains of Britain, and to what these remains were built to achieve. They are perhaps pointing to energy-frequencies or reality-levels we ourselves once worked with, back in the megalithic era.

Put another way: today, we omit to carry out crucial work our ancestors once did, working with the subtle fields within the heart of the landscape and, in connection with this, with ourselves too. Thereby we create a plethora of problems. As many croppies have pointed out, the circles draw our attention somehow to the parlous state of nature and our planet.

Free energy

Crop formations represent temporary operational energy-spaces on Earth, where the MDIs set up a short-term, energy-arena into which people may enter - at least until harvest comes along. These tantalising agriglyphic art-galleries of wheat are empty, yet they are specifically-formed and precisely-charged energy-spaces into which we are tantalisingly invited to walk. Some people have 'seen' a dome of energy, or a vertical cylinder which rises above the corn, and into which we walk - awarely or not. It's like an energy-bath.

We are given choice to enter formations, or not to do so – our free-will is respected. Most people avoid or ignore them completely. Yet once we step inside, we are in the MDIs' reality-space. We are their guests. It's as if we were unwittingly teleported to their world or realm. It is a close encounter of the seventh kind. The whole atmosphere inside crop formations is subtly different – time-warps, sound-warps, healings, insights, unusual phenomena or even headaches arise. No one comes back from them unchanged.

However, with crop formations we perversely tend to watch the cinema-screen rather than the film. We examine the wheat more than the energy. In doing so we sense and feel the energy-fields only unconsciously. But in the absence of anything better, that is sufficient – the MDIs have obviously studied us carefully to find out how to set up this phenomenon to give it maximum educational potential. They have a good quality-control department.

Being watched and worked on

Crop formations embody a holographic swarm of meaning and interpretative potential, yet two further factors seem to me to be important and deliberate: MDIs wish to scan and register us, and they seek to irradiate us – from most croppies' experience, beneficently.

I would suggest they are scanning us to find out how we truly tick – complex, incomprehensible and splintered beings that we are, even to each other. It's a kind of census. They want to get a 'fix' on us, individually and collectively, to identify and know us more clearly. They are registering us because they need to find out who responds to the call.

There's a shortage of receptive people in the human population and they need to find as many as they can get, and connect us into the energy-system they work with. By playing a cereological game with us, they can measure how far each of us can get in coming halfway to meet them. They're also seeking to acclimatise people to interacting with them – even if, again, our interactions are largely unconscious.

Next time you visit a formation, try acting as a guest, as if in a mosque, pagoda or medicine-wheel. Let yourself be observed, and note the kind of consciousness-state that is being asked for. Adjust to whatever frequency seems to be present. In that state, questions may be asked and clues or knowings might come back – I've been given a good few, though answers are terse and riddlesome.

These MDIs don't want to give things away – they want us to run the whole course, and find things out for ourselves. Comprehensive elucidations and explanations would pre-empt the mystery chase they've set us. It's a seat-of-the-pants wild hunt for a mode of consciousness lying far beyond our everyday reach. The eventual outcome of this riddle-weaving might be that, whenever we grasp the deep, holographic meaning and implications of crop formations, it will be because we had already reached a place where we already implicitly understand them!


Energy-fields are probably more important than corn-fields. Laboratory research, dowsing and psychic research have all demonstrated there is active energy present in formations. This is, by notable degrees, qualitatively different energy to anything we've encountered before. It's different from the feeling you get from ancient sites, or special natural beauty-spots, or temples and cathedrals. When we enter a crop formation, it's as if we are being secretly irradiated with pattern-modifying energies, as if to microwave our genes, inducing new patternings inside us.

The patterns in the corn are indeed valuable to study and beautiful to behold in their physical format. Yet there's more. They represent a subtly tempting trick, cajoling us into entering a multi-dimensional energy-space we might not otherwise enter. We then are bathed in something – bathed in a whole new reality? This frequency-bandwidth, this morphic field, sinks into us, whether we quietly sit and absorb it, or whether we talkatively abuse the circles with our boots and jangle. Whatever has happened, we come away from formations in altered states – something inside has been jiggled, quickened, energised.

Programming keys

There might also be re-programming of our fundamental depth-psychology going on. Perhaps it's a re-programming that trickles to the surface of consciousness over a period of years. There's more. Formations might well be delayed-release programming keys, containing information for Earth and its biosphere as well as for humanity and its noosphere or anthroposphere.

These keys, or programming routines, are maybe inserted into the Earth's energy-sphere today for future activation when the circumstances are right - 'trojans' or sleepers awaiting their day. The keys are impressed into the Earth's energy sphere partially through the physical manifestation of the crop formation, even though it is temporary, though it goes deeper. And, logically, we tend to think of them as being impressed from above, as if stamped, but it is more likely that precisely-localised, shapely gravitational fields in the ground below are used, pulling the corn down, drawing on earth-energy grids and unconscious human psychic propellant.

The formations could be altering the fundamental structural relationships or morphogenetic fields within matter, energy, thought, imagination and spirit. They could be rearranging human group psychology through the collective unconscious. What we believe is happening in the world today is not necessarily what is happening, and they could be trying to point this out.

Behind contemporary developments a deeper agenda is being acted out, shaped in symbolism and underlying significance, with the effect of quickening humanity's evolution, helping nature mutate and even affecting the universe. It could well be that crop formations are far more crucial and significant than we ever dreamed. Some theorise that the circle-makers are our future selves communicating back in time to their rather lost ancestors.

Psi fields

My intuition is that the energy or information concealed within the circles is not specifically aimed at awakening us to our world crisis – though it naturally does so as a by-product. However, many formations, by their publicly-visible placing, are obviously setting out to communicate with humans. Rather, the formations, as energy-programming keys, are tuning the world and introducing programming to help with what might happen in the world crisis we're plummeting toward, however we handle it. More, they could be laying in place a morphogenetic framwork to provide future solutions, ready for a time that is yet to come. Perhaps they wanted to do it now, before things get too intense in our world.

This undoubtedly concerns such matters as consciousness, since heightened awareness is activated in formations. It concerns the interconnectedness between people - witness the amazing interpersonal meetings and synchronicities that seem to arise in crop formations. It involves the power of mind - witness the responses to humans' thoughts and conversations made by the circle-makers, and also to the circle-makers by humans. It could concern the integral connection of gravity-light-energy-thought, somehow demonstrated in the apparent mechanics of cereological construction. It encompasses sophisticated universal mathematics, free-energy and a host of other future-civilising factors.

Matter itself, and its morphogenetic foundations, could be going through a re-programming or re-booting from an utterly new basis. This doesn't directly involve communication with humans: it's a kind of psychic surgery on matter and energy itself, on Gaia's own programming and operating system. And Britain is an island with some global outreach and certain deep-seated historic qualities, where it could be that a new reality-patterning is being 'pumped up' for later global release. After all, Britain is the source of the world's global language, so why not broadcast from here, if they're trying to address humanity?

Two visible possibilities exist to achieve this energy release: overwhelming disaster (shaking out the past), or a public mass-awakening and a re-enchanting of nature (such that manageable world transition becomes feasible). The latter option is more energy-efficient, since in the case of disaster we can lose the baby with the bathwater, and a catastrophe might demand an emergency 'cosmic aid effort' which didn't really need to happen. A planetary rescue could be inherently problematic, since the universe needs us to be self-determining and creative. Despite our destructivity, we do know planet Earth better than anyone, and we're pretty experienced with the exigencies of dense physicality. Averting disaster in advance brings humanity to rise to its full stature, by choice: itself a major evolutionary step.


This reprogramming probably forms a major priority in the MDIs' consciousness campaign. Communication with us is but one priority. In fact, the main communication is probably yet to come – since we do not yet understand what's being said! Perhaps the main communication issue is education-initiation rather than information-conveyance – the laying of a mystery trail which tricks us into stumbling upon important truths.

Even hoaxers are being incorporated in the campaign – disgust and confusion over hoaxing has obliged people to confirm their own cereological experiences, to end whatever doubts they have in subjective experience, and to cease relying on authoritative sources of knowledge and rational explanations. Hoaxes and conspiracy-rumours force us to distinguish the language and characteristics of the genuine, non-human circle-makers. If we break through the evolutionary threshold before us, we might well find we have been given holographic formulae for the next step after that.

This next step involves a deepening and maturing of humanity to utilise the full potentiality available to us. This is a more cooperative, interdependent state of being, based in wide-spectrum insight and a magical capacity to work with physical and subtle forms in new ways. This involves handling thought, love, energy, light and gravity as adeptly as we now use spanners and keyboards. It involves acknowledging all beings as our family, and living spiritually in physicality without the painful, somnambulant slavery of today. Divinity incarnate, busy creating – that's what we can be. We can take a long or a short path towards this, but take it we shall, if survival is our choice.

It's all a load of spin

Combine harvesters reap the corn when harvest comes, yet the energy surely doesn't just evaporate. It's possible though that it disperses into the Earth. This energy is expressed into cereological form in order to penetrate dense physicality, to immunise the physical and subtle spheres against creeping loss of life-force in nature and humanity. It gets absorbed into the energy-body of the Earth.

One unifying factor characterising nearly all formations is the spinning, the whirling of the corn. Spinning (what Viktor Schauberger called 'cycloid space-curve motion') is the energy-basis of all life.We easily forget it, but our planet is spinning wildly. Spinning creates energy, energy creates gravity, gravity creates physicality, and physicality hones and tests the spirit.

Spinning counteracts the current anti-life contaminant effects we create through our mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical and nuclear technologies. Spinning re-enlivens the morphogenetic patterning of nature. The psychological sensation of spinning – confusion, burn-out or drunkenness – also brings human consciousness to a crux-point of truth – it brings us eventually to our still small voice.

Consciousness enters physicality through spinning. The whirled corn might be a way of fixing non-material energy into the physical, screwing it down through quartzy stalks of wheat, potentiating the very grain we eat in our digestive biscuits.

Put the kettle on

The energy/information within the formations seems to me to be the crux of the issue. We need to give this at least a decade of study, and to observe its effects on ourselves more closely. It means a lot to all of us. Specifically localised in cornfields, often connected with power-places, yet on another level unlimited by time and space, these holographic energy-devices are like mystery branch-offices, embassies on Earth, into which we variously stumble, and from which we never fully leave. We're being introduced experientially to a widening spectrum of reality-wavelengths and consciousness-catalysts.

It is probably unnecessary to dream of meeting up in a close encounter with a space-craft, ETs or spiritual beings. Their reality has come to us, and thousands have now plunged into it. May I encourage croppies to give increasing attention to the space within formations?

Perhaps we need to begin developing a consensual system for recognising, describing and calibrating what we subjectively experience there. Without the empty innermost of a kettle and a mug, there would be no cups of tea after lengthy field trips! Without the empty innermost of crop formations there would be no formations at all.

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