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Palden Jenkins
Retired author, photographer, webmaster, historian and humanitarian
Palden Jenkins
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A collection of gifts
from Paldywan Kenobi
specially for you

Here are some downloads you might enjoy.
Please choose what you like and enjoy what you get!
Two radio programmes, two books, two slideshows and one map to choose from
Palden Jenkins at Boscawen-un
Possibilities 2050
A book about the world's prospects mid-century
Covering all major areas of change in today's world,
this book assesses what's likely to happen in coming decades.
by Palden Jenkins  (2018)
Visit the Possibilities 2050 website here.
Available as a PDF
in two page-sizes:

best for reading on-screen:  A5
best for printing out (A4, 121 pages):  A4
This Was the Light Programme
How the World can Change
A 2007 Glastonbury Radio programme in two parts
all about public conscience and awareness
with Palden Jenkins on voicebox and brainbox
and Sir Tulki Joe Jenkins on the controls
2hrs 11mins | MP3 files
Talk and music radio programme
- about The Big Question of Our Time
Download in two files:
This Was The Light Programme
A Brief History of Britain
6,000 years in less than two hours, with music.
A Glastonbury Radio programme made in 2007.
with Palden Jenkins on voicebox and brainbox
and Sir Tulki Joe Jenkins (then 11) on the controls
1hr 45mins | MP3 files
Talk and music radio programme
- some background to the Brexit madness
Download in two files:
Pictures of Palestine
A humanitarian blogging from Bethlehem
A book by Palden Jenkins  (2012)
An illustrated story of life in the West Bank of Palestine.
Readable, informative - the story of Palden's own experiences while there
Available in three formats:
Readable on any device:   PDF
E-book, can be read on a Kindle: MOBI
E-book, another common format: EPUB
Also available in print  Visit the PoP website
Come and See Palestine
A photo-journey around the West Bank
and a peep into the daily lives of Palestinians

Powerpoint PPSX Slideshow
approx 30 mins duration

This is the End of the World
A Powerpoint slideshow of pictures
from West Penwith in Cornwall
Famous, inspirational, scenic, ancient and magical places in West Cornwall.
This is where I live, and here are some choice pictures, all taken by me.
Powerpoint PPSX Slideshow
playable on PCs and many other devices

And for those of you into ancient sites and the geomancy of West Penwith...
Map of the Ancient Sites and
Alignments of West Penwith
A JPG map of the Land's End peninsula showing
ancient sites and alignments ('leylines') in the area
For the whole package visit: Ancient Penwith
JPG map 6000x4000px
viewable on all devices - best on computer

With love from me
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