Sacred Sites | Introduction - Glastonbury | Map of its Ancient Landscape and Ley Alignments

Map of the Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury
Glastonbury leylines
Glastonbury's ancient sites, ley alignments and landscape temple
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Sacred Sites | Introduction

Ancient and sacred sites around Glastonbury

This ancient sites section was originally compiled in 2004-5 for the Isle of Avalon website, which I then ran.
It contains some contributions of text and pictures from people other than the author.

This is a guide containing information and impressions about the notable sacred sites – Megalithic, Celtic, British-Roman and Medieval – in Mid-Somerset, plus a few others further afield.

One purpose is to encourage you to visit these places and gain a good 'feel' for the sacred landscape of these parts.

Not all of these sites are thought of as sacred sites, yet their atmosphere and landscape position clearly make them so – examples being Brean Down, Crook Peak and Westbury Beacon.
Simply click any of the places on the right.

Not all of these sites are easily accessible from the road. Accessibility notes and simple directions are included. Use of an OS map is advised.

The maps in this section are extracted from the Map of the Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury, published by Gothic Image of Glastonbury.

The watery areas weren't necessarily open seawater throughout history, though they were so around 5000-4000 BCE. During Megalithic, Celtic and Medieval times they were marshland and wetland with bogs, pools and rivers, varying in extent according to water levels at the time. They were quite inaccessible and largely uninhabitable throughout the ancient-to-medieval period.

Map of the Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury
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