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Palden Jenkins
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Palden Jenkins
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About the Hundredth Monkey Project

Palden Jenkins' Archive

The Hundredth Monkey Project
An inner aid project
to help midwife the world through
necessary global evolutionary changes


This section of the archive about the Hundredth Monkey Project is taken from material written in 1995-98, solely for archive purposes. The project, M100, closed in 1997. A small group known as the Flying Squad carried on the work for twenty years until 2018.

The project was conceived and started by me, Palden, arising out of three influences: 1. what I learned about compassion from Tibetan Lamas in the 1970s; 2. experience gained from running spiritual-education camps in the 1980s, and, 3. what I learned from the Council of Nine in 1991-93.

The following material comes from the original website made for the project. It was written in 1995-96, revised in 1998 and should be read in that context as archive material.


Between 1995 and 1997 the Hundredth Monkey Project opened up new territory in planetary healing.

It was the first experiment of its kind and scale, developing new techniques for globally-oriented group process and consciousness work.

The project worked at bringing 'inner aid' to today's frontlines and crisis-zones by working deeply with the fundamental issues being raised in today's crucial trends and events.

We set out to research intensive techniques and accumulate experience for use in the 21st century ~ times when humanity is likely to enter into a global process of root-to-branch changes.

  • We are a soul-family of people who care about the world and its future.

  • We work together to develop new ways of healing the world and assisting positive global change.

  • We're developing ways of raising public awareness from within since awareness is where choice and change both start.

  • We work at bringing inner aid to today's crisis-zones. (Crises represent humanity's cancer-zones, hampering progress everywhere.)

  • We're developing skills and experience for use in future times ~ times when humanity enters into a fundamental transformation process.

One humanity - with cultural and ethnic diversity.
One in spirit - with many faiths, life-ways and beliefs.
Bridging gulfs and schisms - yet honouring traditions and uniquenesses.

Our prayer has been to serve the highest good and to bring benefit to all, without prejudice, bias or judgement. With love and respect!
We've been doing this because we believe the world now needs to start healing its ills.
Others' crises are our crises too - all people are related in heart, in spirit and even in self-interest.

The Hundredth Monkey Project is now closed. Our mission - to find out if it could be done - is accomplished.
After three years of experimentation, we realised that so much had happened, we needed time to take stock! We needed to get on with our lives before the next stage started. We needed to raise funding and support for future developments and to give time to contemplating some of the pioneering issues involved. It's better to do small things well than big things badly!

Many of the 200 'monkeys' are still in contact, and meet up in groups periodically. This has had a big impact on all of us.

In 1995, M100 was started in order to experiment with an utterly new way of working in world healing.

In the next three years, the realities of this visionary method were explored by 'monkeys' who responded to the call, and the gist of what we have learned from all this are presented in the following pages.

Monkey-work has taken several forms:
+ retreats (camping and indoors)
+ coordinated meditations (Sundays)
+ a meditative flying-squad
+ a social support network/family and
+ research and development work in planetary transformation and distance-healing of whole societies.

We researched, developed and monitored our practices for future benefit, building up a body of knowledge and experience in world healing.

Originally, we hoped to take what we developed to other countries and to create 'away-teams' to work in change-ridden countries. We believed this constituted a new form of self-help aid and ground-level planetary transformation and a key practise for rebuilding societies from within. Such a plan proved to be ahead of its time. But the possibility is still there.

The Archive of Palden Jenkins

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