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Palden Jenkins
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Palden Jenkins
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More about the Sunday Meditations

More about the Weekly Meditations

There are many virtues to meditating together as a group, even if we are spread over a large geographical distance. The potency of group consciousness work increases a lot when the number of people involved in a group grows, and as it synergises into a group entity.

In geology, the erosive power of a river increases as the square of its volume. Put another way, if the volume increases three times, the erosive power increases nine times. A river erodes its banks in order to improve its flow. It's rather like that with groups like this - as the energy-flow increases, the benefits increase far more.
But this is not just a numbers game. It depends on the quality of a group’s work, and the way it melds to make it operate increasingly as one entity, even if diverse and even if spread around geographically.

So that's why we're starting simply, at the beginning. It's a melding process on an energy level. Melding gives a basis for moving on to the next step.

Some people will wish to progress with world-healing work and join us regularly while others will simply enjoy meditating when they can. Both are relevant and both make a contribution.

There is more to this. The meditation slot, 19.00-19.30 GMT on Sundays, is also an open channel (more on the next page). This time-slot was agreed with the Council of Nine back in 1993, who set up and maintain this open channel.

It was necessary to fix a consistent time because, since the Nine exist in a zone of timelessness, they must penetrate the realm of time to connect with us and, from their viewpoint, this involves some tricky energy-engineering. With a consistent time-slot they can set their dials, keeping the signal clear and consistent.

It's an undemanding, doable commitment to keep. The channel is open regardless of how many people plug into it. There will always be people there, every week, whether or not anything is arranged or announced.

In UK, this time changes from 19.00-19.30 in winter to 20.00-20.30 in summertime, and similar happens in many other countries. In nature and the universe it is the same time – only our clocks have changed. So, wherever in the world you are, factor in summer daylight savings time if necessary. If in doubt, Google ‘7pm GMT in...’ (enter your country or province) and that's when to meditate. Or look at the timezone table on the preceding page.

Stanton Drew stone circle, North Somerset

One thing unites all thoughtful people, everywhere: a love and concern for the world, our people and our natural environment. The underlying orientation of these meditations is to assist in progressing these things.

Meditation is no substitute for activism, campaigning, fundraising and making practical contributions, but it is a helping factor that is frequently forgotten. For some, it is the main or the only thing they can do to make a contribution. For others, with their hands already full, meditation can help in enabling and assisting this process.

We know what the problem is on Planet Earth, and we know roughly what needs to be done. Humanity needs to go further with it than we have already gone. This concerns human values, beliefs, public awareness and unconscious factors that either block or help progress.

In the last half-century humanity has become aware of its situation and its options like never before. But there is also  resistance to change, deeply ingrained and historic, and reinforced today by oligarchies that seek to capture and control society. Fighting against this resistance creates polarisation. Humanity needs unity and consensus. To get through the 21st Century, we have to work together, sharing similar goals. This involves generating an understanding that we are all in the same boat, that we all sink or swim together.

We are in a longterm process of becoming one planetary people. Our problems and our solutions cross borders. We are culturally and socially diverse, yet diversity is one of our strong points. Still, nowadays, we are discovering that it is in our own best interests to cooperate, to act increasingly as one planetary people.

One key purpose of these meditations is to contribute toward uplifting and supporting humanity in seeing its position more clearly and understanding what to do about it. Our aim is not to impose answers but to facilitate ways forward, by which people might act more wisely, learning from life and adapting to changing global conditions.

The environmental crisis will be resolved through a change of awareness. We have enough clues to make progress in resolving it. The same applies to building a human society that is just, fair and decent to all its members, a happier society than today.

By helping raise humanity's perceptions and understanding through meditation, we can contribute something here. We cannot oblige people to be nicer to each other, but we can work to raise the overall level so that people do feel more easy doing so, within and between ourselves, our communities and nations.
More from the Nine:
This is a time of awakening. It is a time to understand that within the self people hold the key for bringing planet Earth to its fulfilment, that free-will is never interfered with, and that the destruction of planet Earth is not necessary. Do not fall into the trap of believing that planet Earth will be destroyed.
What will come to be understood is the power of thought and the energy of love.
Behave only in a manner that you may love yourself for; behave only in a manner in which you would wish another to do toward you; do no action, thought or thing that you, in your soul and consciousness, cannot have self-respect for. When that begins for all of humanity, all will change.
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