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The Open Channel

The Open Channel

The open channel gives an extra dimension to this work, hooking us into a larger energy-network. The mechanism for this is set up by the civilisation Ultima or Altea, a technological civilisation working with cosmic intelligence. A team of Alteans was set up in the 1990s to work with people who tune in when the channel is open. They are not of this earth and have not been here physically. Being non-physical, they don’t need a world to live on – they are outside time, space and the universe as we know it astronomically.
For more on this, read The Only Planet of Choice.  It is not required reading, since the Nine don’t seek followers – they just ask us to use our knowhow to get on with what we need to do, and to allow them to assist us. More here: a podcast (33 mins) or a longer podtalk, such as this (1h 17m).

Check out the general vibe around this meditation and make your assessment of it that way. If you resonate with the atmosphere of it, then you’re getting a feel of the Nine’s vibe and energy-frequency.

I like working with them and it’s in my nature and spiritual genetics to do so. Many people work with them, consciously or semi-consciously, and this shows in their generally open and universal attitude and demeanour - they usually stretch relatively easily beyond their own beliefs.

You’re welcome to plug into this energy-source, and it’s non-binding. It’s not a cult, just a gaggle and a network of people and other beings.

After a while, if you ‘attend’ the meditations consistently, they'll get a fix on you and a field will build up so that your connection is strengthened and hooked into the network. You might even feel the channel being switched on at the beginning and off at the end of the meditation.

If you continue meditating after shut-down, you’ll find that you move into your more normal meditation mode. Before the meditation, you might also feel a buildup period beforehand as your psyche moves osmotically into the zone.

After a longer period you might even find that your system, your ‘sonars’ and inner connection become strengthened. But only if you permit it – you will never be interfered with, and free-will is critical here.
Boswens menhir
Boswens menhir, West Penwith, Cornwall
You are free to leave the group at any point. If you do so, please do it in a good-natured way. There are virtues in doing the meditation regularly, though if you can join us only occasionally, that's fine too - we're here every Sunday.

We do not prescribe what you should do. Please pursue and develop your path in your way, using your methods. What connects us is a basic similarity of motivation and intent: to help further the evolutionary growth-process of humanity and contribute toward healing humanity and our world.

This starts with simply meditating quietly together, simultaneously. It creates a vibrational foundation upon which further developments may rest, if and a time comes to create them.

Quite a few people who have joined the meditation have remarked that they feel good doing it and enjoy the inner company. Over time, the group becomes more of a team by natural harmonisation. Individuals within it will likely start having experiences that interlock with those of other individuals.
Only by raising the level of consciousness of this planet, perfecting the love and the core that is inside each human, can we then go on and perfect other planets in all the galaxies. We are going to raise the level of this planet with your help, which will make this a lighter planet. The energy then coming from this planet will be sent into the universe and will help raise the level of consciousness of other planets.
When all beings on planet Earth are in complete harmony with self and with others and have removed self from self, and when your planet is in a higher elevation, it will become a leading civilisation of the Twenty-Four. It dropped from the Twenty-Four to a lower state of being because of its inadequacy of soul.
The members of the Council of Nine are not, and never have been, in physical form. There are the Twenty-Four civilisations that are in a subtle kind of physical form, and then there are what we could call the helper civilisations that are in denser physicalness than the Twenty-Four. The Twenty-Four civilisations think collectively as one, within their civilisation.
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