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Palden Jenkins
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Palden Jenkins
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Sunday Meditations

Sunday Meditations
A Quiet Circle of Souls

Every Sunday evening a number of people in Britain and round the world meditate together at the very same time (7-7.30pm GMT), and you're welcome to join us - wherever you are. Adjust the GMT time to summer time and/or your time zone (see right or at the bottom of this page).
Current times, on Sundays:
Iceland 7-7.30pm
UK & Portugal 8-8.30pm
W Europe 9-9.30pm
E Europe and the Levant 10-10.30pm
Brazil-Argentina 4-4.30pm
EST, Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia 3-3.30pm
PST North America 12-12.30am
Adjust the time for your own country when the clocks change. Full time-zone details below.
The Essentials

There's no sign-up, subscription, fee, log-in, hidden agenda or required method or path. Join us when you can, in inner space. Do it wherever you are, in any country.

Whatever faith or path you follow, you're welcome to join in. This is a spiritually diverse half-hour, once a week, a chance to be together beyond time, beyond space. Be yourself and do it your way, with all of us. Meditate, pray, be mindful, do visualisation, inner journeying, healing, soul-rescue or mantras, or simply sit quietly and just be.

It's a time to set aside personal concerns, to lend some attention to the wider world and to the part we play in it.

The Aim:
- to encourage forwardness, resolution and repair to humanity;
- to bring benefit to nature and all beings;
- to uplift our planetary world, and
- to allow spiritual forces to work with and through us.

...however we each see that. It's simple and straightforward, a bundle of motivations that  we can easily share, while having a diversity of paths.

It's for half an hour, 19.00-19.30 GMT, every single Sunday without fail.
Please adjust for your own time zone and for daylight savings time. In UK, during summer, the time is 8-8.30pm. See below for times for different places.

This time-slot works for anyone living between the Middle East/Russia and the West Coast of the Americas.

Please note: when the clocks change for Summer Time/Daylight Savings Time, add one hour. The real time (nature's own clock) remains the same, though confusingly our human clocks change.
What to do

Use whatever meditative routine or method or way that you normally use.

Usually, before the meditation, it's good to slow down and get positioned in the ten mins before 19.00. Then, at the end, though the channel closes at 19.30 (you might notice a definite shut-off occurring) - you can either arise slowly or you can carry on with a more 'normal' meditation. There's no hurry.

If you're unaccustomed to meditation, just be there, set concerns aside for a while and, if they bother you, take a few deep breaths, pull yourself back to centre and make a habit of it - no self-judgement needed, since we all get this. Don't worry whether or not you're good enough - just be there and do it. Keep it simple.

There is no theme. In the Flying Squad (a group that did this kind of 'world work' from 1997-2017) we worked with themes - though once a month we'd leave it open. This requires organisation and proper consideration - we'd need to set up a system for it. This might start in future but, for now, keep it simple. Be there.

If you wish, go inner-journeying. Follow the thread of whatever goes on inside you and see where it goes. You might choose to focus on people or situations that are most in need, or in pain. Or whatever. Follow your flow. There are no shoulds and oughts, rights or wrongs. We're here to learn and grow through it.

What's special here is not only that meditating together increases its benefits, but also that we're doing it within an energy-field that set up thirty years ago in 1993. More about this later.  The channel is open for 30 minutes until 19.30 GMT.

Our shared intent and basic vibe are sufficient to connect us, and 'HP Source' can make good use of that (HP = higher power.)

To summarise... At present there is no membership, no technique, nothing specific, but there is an open channel at this time and those of us in meditation at that time are all there. The more you are 'seen', the more you are connected into the network.

If you feel right to be with us, you are very welcome.

In time, something further might develop, but let's start at the beginning.

With love, Paldywan
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Carn Galva, Cornwall
Carn Galva, a neolithic tor from the 3000s BCE,
as seen from the bronze age Nine Maidens
stone circle, from the late 2000s BCE,
West Penwith, Cornwall

Transmogrified at Stanton Drew
Transmogrified at Stanton Drew stone circle, Somerset
A little history...

It started in 1992-3, with a group of people who, since the 1970s, worked in a 25 year channelling project with some non-earthly beings, the Council of Nine. The Nine asked us to choose a time and day to meditate regularly, so that they could synchronise and work with us.

So Sunday at 19-19.30pm GMT was agreed - a good time when most people could easily join in. This continued over many years, and quite a few people took it up.

Later, in 1995-97 Palden ran the Hundredth Monkey Project, a series of retreats to work alongside the Nine on world issues. This morphed into a smaller, committed group called The Flying Squad. We meditated as a group at the agreed time for 20 years.

Other people adopted this meditation slot, some of them not involved with the above, and some working alone, scattered around different parts of the world. The open channel remains open at this time.

So if you join these meditations, you're joining with other people and also with some benign beings, the Nine, who are interested in working alongside us in recreating and fixing our world.

You don't have to buy what the Nine say or do, and they don't seek followers or to build a cult - they seek simply to assist Earth people in carrying out what we need to do to save and transform our world. To find out more about the Nine, click here.
If in doubt, Google '7pm GMT in...[place]', such as '7pm GMT in Latvia'.

The key issue is that we are all meditating together at the same time, wherever we are.
This is a strange issue that arises from living on a wildly spinning physical planet.
Main time zones
Russia/Moscow, Turkiye, Arabiyya, East Africa
Finland, the Baltics, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Libya, Egypt, S Africa
Most of Europe, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola
Iceland, UK, Portugal, Mali, Senegal, Ghana
Brazil, Argentina, Greenland
Labrador, Nova Scotia, Eastern Caribbean, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile
Ontario, Quebec, East Coast USA, Cuba, Peru, Jamaica, Colombia
Canada & USA CT, Mexico, MesoAmerica
Alberta, MT USA
Humankind has a responsibility not only for this planet Earth, but for the universe. Planet Earth is part of the universe, and the universe needs it to survive.

When the souls on Earth have recognised their reality and have understood, they can then be released, and they can provide teachings and understandings for others in other galaxies and solar systems in the universe.

- That's the kind of thing the Council of Nine talk about. It was the Nine who first prompted these meditations and their helpers oversee them. If you like the vibe and approach being taken here, then that's the main thing you need to know about the Nine. But if you wish to find out more, a book conveys their communications, called The Only Planet of Choice.
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