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The Only Planet of Choice and the Council of Nine

The Only Planet of Choice

I was commissioned to compile this book in 1991-2 and it was published by Gateway Books in 1993, selling 50,000 copies. It was rather a monumental book, and a life-changer for me.
This page starts with a book review, followed by a series of essential quotations and thoughts for consideration from the Council of Nine themselves, drawn from the book.

The book is out of print and only available secondhand - the original first edition by me can be quite expensive.
For a PDF copy of the book, click here.
Not the first edition. This version was prepared for translation into other languages, containing the essential text with only brief commentaries.
For a PDF version of the pre-publication version of the first edition, click here.
Pre-publication, pre-edited version as submitted to the publisher in 1992, with full commentaries by me, and some snippets which were never published.


Book Review
The Only Planet of Choice
from Kindred Spirit magazine, Vol 2, No.11, 1993.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Universe but didn't know who to ask.

Gateway Books has just published The Only Planet of Choice, Essential Briefings from Deep Space. It makes the startling claim that the human species exists throughout the Universe and that there has been systematic collusion amongst the major world governments in the last 40 years to prevent the evidence of ongoing contacts with extraterrestrial visitors becoming public.

This is the first book to deal with the background and reasons for these cosmic visits. It is made up of hundreds of transcripts transmitted through the channel Phyllis V Schlemmer over a period of more than 20 years from a group of universal beings, known as The Council of Nine.

Members of a distinguished international research group who have worked with Phyllis include such famous names as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, former British racing driver Sir John Whitmore, and British Olympic hurdler David Hemery, together with Andrija Puharich, Lyall Watson, Werner Erhart and others. Palden Jenkins edited the transcripts from the vast number of tape recordings of the channelled sessions.

Here are some excerpts to give you a taste of the book:

Tom: I am Tom, I am the spokesman for the Council of Nine. We are the Council of Nine, we oversee what you term the Universe. We are nine principles of the Universe... we are in connection with one that is higher, but in totality together we are one, as that of all the Universe is one... we are not physical beings. We are separate and one at the same time.

Tom: Your Planet Earth is the most beautiful that exists in the Universe. It has a physical variety that no other planet has. It has a varied climate that no other planet has. In all the Universe there is no planet in existence that has the physical characteristics of Planet Earth. It is the rarest of beauties, and it does attract souls which, once they have come, would like to come back again. It is of a different nature from any other planet. It has aspects of all planets: it is like a composite of the Universe, with all the positive and all the negative aspects, and all in between, and this is what attracts souls.

It has with it a gravitational pull that is different from other planets, and because of this a soul begins to feel - for the first time - a physicalness. Souls become adapted to their physical bodies, and they forget the freedom and pleasures they have without it. The Earth was created to be a paradise. When a soul achieves harmony it will become a paradise again. This is your planet of balance, for you to learn to balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Planet Earth is the only one of its kind, the only planet of free [individualised] choice in the entire universe, the planet created for the balancing of the spiritual with the physical; in other words, the creating of paradise.

Planet Earth has become a planet of desire. It is important for the level of consciousness of this planet to be raised. It is the love from this planet that generates the energy that feeds what you call 'God'. And this planet has stopped the growth of part of the universe. Souls have got involved in materialism. Their desires are still in their minds and emotions, and their desires hold them to this planet, and so you have a multiplication that is going on until this planet will sink.

This is the only planet that has created a bottleneck. The souls that live on Planet Earth, in their soul-recycling and reincarnations, refuse to leave Planet Earth. Each of the planets upon which they exist or on which they have a birth is for some form of teaching of them, but they are so much in desire for this physical Planet Earth that they do not further themselves.

This is the only planet in the Universe that has the physical qualifications that create this problem. It does not have a sister, nor a brother planet. It is the most densely inhabited planet in the universe.

If you disconnect the mind from what it is holding onto, it will be free. This disconnecting can go by stages, so that you can develop trust and faith in your ability to maintain your inner connection with the Universe. Then you will be free. When the critical mass begins in humankind, when enough of your souls are becoming free,then the space vehicle of Planet Earth moves into its evolutionary fulfilment.

Know this, that with acceleration due to each of you humans' involvement, [change] will come quickly and will not be in devastation, as it would be if such acceleration came by itself, by force of circumstance, without your involvement. What is now accelerating, due to the meditations and other actions humans have done on this Planet Earth, is the beginning of the acceleration of time, which then creates the situation that this Planet Earth becomes a light-space vehicle, and humankind will become suddenly aware. It will be similar to the 'hundredth monkey effect' beginning.

So if you now begin to understand the power of meditations and activism in small groups, you can change the world. All will change when people accept that also those that live elsewhere in the universe are available to give you love and understanding. All will change when people understand the energies within.

Tom: In relationship to the Council of Nine there are 24 physical civilisations, in another dimensional realm. Each is a total collective consciousness that oversees a particular area of focus. From each civilisation physical beings have incarnated upon your Planet Earth, and at times have intervened in its affairs, when necessary. These physical civilisations, the Twenty-Four, each in its own dimension, are total and complete units of one collective consciousness. They have evolved to that form of action to oversee the Universe, to pass through information of great importance and to help other physical civilisations in their evolutionary process.
Gene Roddenberry: Are there any civilisations or races within our galaxy visiting us at present?
Tom: Yes. There are civilisations of different dimensions, different intelligence, different evolving, that are working with the Twenty-Four civilisations. There are those within your galaxy that are in service to those attempting to salvage the Planet Earth. But they are not the primaries (the Twenty-Four).
Andrija Puharich: When it was explained to me before, dimensions were said to consist of various velocity-envelopes.
Tom: Yes, speed.
Gene: Why do you not give strong and definite signs of your existence or proximity, on top of approaching humanity by indirect means such as these channellings, or in other ways? Obviously you have your reasons, but this question does matter to me.
Tom: It is of great importance for you to understand that your governments have refused to convey to the people, concerning our existence. If there were an attempt by the civilisations to land upon Planet Earth in a mass situation, which in truth will come to pass in the course of time, the people would panic, for they have not the understanding, the knowledge, that we would mean no harm to them. Remember this: there are also certain civilisations, not of the Twenty-Four or their supporting civilisations, that have a great desire to control Planet Earth, to keep souls in bondage. And these civilisations have landed at times upon Planet Earth and have created difficulty, which they have forced on Planet Earth people. We need to convey to the people that there are others that mean them no harm, but have an interest in saving Planet Earth. For, in truth, if there are no other civilisations to help Planet Earth, it will bring destruction on itself. We do not come to control, we do not come to hold in bondage, we will come with love and patience and understanding. But, since there is the denial of our existence, how can those of Planet Earth accept the fact that the civilisations of Altea, Hoova, Ashan and the rest of the Twenty-Four, mean well?
Gene: You mentioned that at some stage there might be a large-scale landing of the civilisations. How? By what method of transportation? Physical vehicles?
Tom: Yes. They would be in the nature of physical vehicles. You would be able to touch them.
Gene: Can you tell me anything about the relative size and shape and so on?
Tom: There would be vehicles of different sizes and different designs. There would be some with the appearance of a glass top, but it is not in truth a top, it will just have its appearance... There will also be those that will remain in your atmosphere that are very large, and will send out smaller ones. There will also be those that have the appearance of what you call saucers. There will be those that are pointed, as with a 'V'.
Gene: Can you describe the ones from the civilisations who have something like human shape - something as to their size and colour and features?
Tom: Alteans have the tallness of you. The colour of their eyes is a shade of blue, as that of your clear sky. They have a translucent appearance; they are very fair in their colouring. People upon Planet Earth have many different sizes. Those of Altea have one size. They have a glowing that gives the appearance of being translucent. It is their vibration... it is an iridescent appearance. They are similar in appearance to those that exist upon the physical planet Earth. Do you understand that the physical human seed upon Planet Earth came from Altea?
Gene: It is my understanding that there are some of us here on Earth who are of Altean blood... or genetic features... mixed with our basic Earth features...?
Tom: Yes. The Hoovids are smaller. They manifest small, and dark of skin, not as fair as Alteans. They have hair, straightness of hair. It is also dark, yes.
Gene: Will they be male and female, as we recognise the sexes here?
Tom: Alteans are of two polarities blended in togetherness. They do not have what you would call male and female. There are tri-polarities in Hoovids.
Andrija: What would you suggest is the principal reason that you are coming here to help mankind, and what is the primary problem of man that needs help?
Tom: The Council has said to explain it in a twofold manner: that if it continues in the manner which it is now, around or after your year 2000 Planet Earth will no longer be able to exist as a home for humans [this discussion occurred in the 1970s]; also the civilisations are attempting to cleanse it and to bring it back into balance, using their technology, not only for the saving of Planet Earth, but also because Planet Earth is under the guidance of the civilisations that initially colonised it, and it is thus partly their responsibility. Then there is the entrapment and the recycling of souls. The necessity of coming at this time is because man in its dominion over animals and flowers and plants, is now trying to control all of humanity, and we cannot have this.

Review ends


Nine Soundbites

This is a collection of key statements from the Council of Nine, extracted from the first edition of The Only Planet of Choice (Gateway Books, 1993). The Nine are a circle of highly-evolved beings living, in one sense at the centre of the universe, though in another sense outside time and space, whose responsibility is to maintain balance throughout the universe. They have a special relationship with planet Earth because of the exceptional nature of free will available to beings of planet Earth. They communicate through their spokesperson Tom (anciently known as Atum), transceived by Phyllis Schlemmer, a distinguished deep-trance channel.

Key points

+ There are different main points of attention we would wish to have you communicate in revelation to humankind:
  • there is no aloneness in your planet Earth - there are other worlds to help you and view you;
  • you have no death, even though humankind creates great wars, for in these methods they control humankind by attempting to prevent them from fulfilling their lives;
  • planet Earth's importance lies in the balancing of the spiritual with the physical;
  • planet Earth is unique of all planets in the entire universe, and is the most beautiful of variety, and was created to be a paradise;
  • humans, in their illusory understanding, reincarnate over and over, which stops the progress of the universe;
  • within all of the universe there are other worlds of existence of great beauty, sun, colour, joy also, but planet Earth is the only planet of true choice;
  • all other physical existences are a collective consciousness - whether it is for forwardness or for the capturing of souls it is a total collective consciousness;
  • for freedom of choice, humankind must practice great responsibility, in order for the universe to expand;
  • those that oppose keep planet Earth in its bondage by weakening the will of humankind, and if you bring the issue to humankind they have choice at all times.

+ You are a creator.

+ It is the love from this planet that generates the energy that feeds what you call 'God'.

Planet Earth

+ The form of control that exists on planet Earth does not exist on other planets. This is the only planet which has created a bottleneck [in the passing through of souls].
+ When critical mass begins in humankind, when enough of your souls are becoming free, then the space-vehicle of planet Earth moves into its evolutionary fulfilment.
+ People must learn to love themselves, and the only way they may love themselves is never to do what they will dislike themselves for.
+ This is a time of awakening. It is a time to understand that within the self people hold the key for bringing planet Earth to its fulfilment, that free-will is never interfered with, and that the destruction of planet Earth is not necessary.

+ Do not fall into the trap of believing that planet Earth will be destroyed.

+ What will come to be understood is the power of thought and the energy of love.

+ Behave only in a manner that you may love yourself for; behave only in a manner in which you would wish another to do toward you; do no action, thought or thing that you, in your soul and consciousness, cannot have self-respect for. When that begins, all will change.

+ Those that exist on planet Earth have existed on other planets, and when their birth is brought to planet Earth, those souls must develop balance between physicalness and cosmos.

+ When your planet Earth has brought itself into balance through service, when it is evolved to a higher vibration, then the population explosion will also diminish, for negative energies will not then be in a form where they may then overpower a normal balance of energies.

+ The most important matter is for each individual upon your planet, no matter which division they are in, to understand that they are part of a whole and they also make a difference. If you take a drop of water and make enough drops of water you soon have a collection of a pond. That pond can then breed life when it is in togetherness.

+ Humankind has a responsibility not only for this planet Earth, but for the universe. Planet Earth is part of the universe, and the universe needs it to survive.

+ This is a time when people must now take control.

+ There are upheavals in humankind, and upheavals in the physical aspect of planet Earth, with its eruptions and pollutions. The entity of planet Earth is attempting to purify and cleanse itself.


+ All of you and all of us make what you call 'God'. 'God' never fails. With 'God all is possible. Love is 'God'. It is love that creates the energy that feeds 'God' and makes 'God'.
+ Even though you live upon a physical planet and the densest of all planets in the universe, remember that all souls may be saved. Remember forgiveness!
+ The purpose of soul-existence and the purpose of their living is to return to whence they came. Each soul in the whole universe came directly from the true Creator, so each soul is imbued with this energy.

+ When the souls on Earth have recognised their reality and have understood, they can then be released, and they can provide teachings and understandings for others in other galaxies and solar systems in the universe.

+ Those that come to benefit planet Earth come from other galaxies, not from within your galaxy.

+ There are civilisations of different dimensions, different intelligence, different evolving, that are working with the Twenty-Four [universal] civilisations. There are those within your galaxy that are in service to those that are attempting to salvage the planet Earth, but they are not the primaries.

+ We wish to reassure you that those that exist on planet Earth will find that those visitors [from other planets] that do not have what you call beauty will have within them the essence of beauty. There will be many appearances. There are beings that mean humankind no harm, but have an interest in saving planet Earth. For in truth, if there are no other civilisations to help planet Earth, it will bring destruction to itself.

+ All the souls that exist in the universe have had, at one time or another, the necessity to manifest on the physical planet Earth, for the lessons to be learned [there].

+ As you have many millions of plants and many millions of species of animals on your planet, also in the universe there are many different kinds of beings.

+ Our primary concern is with the Earth because it is important to raise its level, since it is holding back some of the evolution of the universe.

The Nine

+ The members of the Council of Nine are not, and never have been, in physical form. There are the twenty four civilisations that are in a subtle kind of physical form, and then there are what we could call the helper civilisations that are in denser physicalness than the Twenty-Four. The Twenty-Four civilisations think collectively as one, within their civilisation.
+ In truth the Council and the Twenty-Four developed and created what was necessary on planet Earth in order for humanity to live on it, when it was ready. We continue to work with this, but our wish is that you humans will take responsibility for your own planet. If it continues in the manner which it is now, after your year 2000 planet Earth will no longer be able to exist as a home for humans. Also the civilisations are attempting to cleanse it and to bring it back into balance using their technology, not only for the saving of planet Earth, but also because planet Earth is under the guidance of the civilisations that initially colonised it - it is thus partly their responsibility. It is inevitable that at some time there will be a visitation to your planet Earth. We would wish that it may come with arms opened for greeting.
+ What you see now is the thrashing of the tail of negativity that knows it is on its way out, bringing forth cultism and fanaticism. There would be intervention if there were any people that would attempt total destruction. Planet Earth must survive. It is your energy that helps it to survive.
+ We will not permit the destruction of planet Earth, but humankind must begin to help itself and make decisions based on its survival.
+ Only by raising the level of consciousness of this planet, perfecting the love and the core that is inside each human, can we then go on and perfect other planets in all the galaxies. We are going to raise the level of this planet with your help, which will make this a lighter planet. The energy then coming from this planet will be sent into the universe and will help raise the level of consciousness of other planets. When all beings on planet Earth are in complete harmony with self and with others and have removed self from self, and when your planet is in a higher elevation, it will become the leading civilisation of the Twenty-Four. It dropped from the Twenty-Four to a lower state of being because of its inadequacy of soul.

+ There is a new kind of children [amongst you]. These new beings that are coming and being born on your planet have 'sonars' in them to help them in their service.

+ You must remember that all of you and all of us have what you call 'the Christ' within us. The Christ will be a collective consciousness.

+ Your motivation is your protection, always.

The Opposition

+ The spirit has no rules or laws set upon it to guide it, yet without them it would be as a ship at sea without a rudder.
+ The temptation of the Others [the opposing forces] to feed egos, to control individuals, is the most serious problem on your planet. It is the one thing that will destroy it. It is the craving for power and the craving for control. The craving is so strong that when it cannot be fulfilled one way, they will find another. The opposition is the opposite of life, the anathema of life.
+ Much truth has been destroyed to keep the masses in control. People, organisations of government and religion do not suppress any manner of thing unless it is a threat to them, or unless it is truth.
+ We are attempting to bring what is negative and what is positive into balance. It is necessary to have both to make a perfect whole. But the opposite pole to us, what you call 'Satan', wishes not to bring it into balance, for if by bringing it into balance a soul becomes perfected and may live in freedom, 'Satan' cannot live.
+ When you come into knowledge, wisdom and truth, when all that is in the universe is beginning to be revealed, then those that desire to control planet Earth, in order to control the universe, begin to create great difficulty for you.
+ There are those that would like to remove your awareness and your knowledge. Respect them, do not laugh at them, but be firm in your faith, and they cannot deter you nor harm you. If they create difficulty for you, then, with your mind, see yourself from the ground to your head being swept with our love, our light and our joy in you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Do not proudly do all by yourself.

+ You are not as inadequate as you would like to believe. We have begun a new time in your land and your universe, a time for you to remove the string that attaches you to the past time in the physical, and to doubt.

+ The One Who Fell utilises and feeds upon those energies of neglect, of emotional distortion and the weaknesses of humankind, but also upon their strengths when those strengths are not protected.

Heaven on Earth

+ If the souls on Earth were more evolved now, it would be considered paradise. This planet Earth may be a paradise when the density is removed.

+ It is an illusion that you humans are equal or superior to the Creator and Creation, and the reality you [usually] take to be real is illusion. Compassion is now a critical element of development. Your mind brings you not what you want - it brings you what you are. You believe you are in control but you are always controlled. You believe that you have free will - and the truth is that you do, but when you understand you have free will, totally and completely, then you give up that free will.

+ There will be not one but a collection of beings that will raise the level of consciousness of this planet. It is very important that you do not deify us. It is very important that you understand that God is in each and every one of you, and that God is love, and is the love that creates the one God. Those that come and say they are the messiah are not the true messiah. When they call themselves masters, they are not masters.

+ Know this, that energies of change may spread with great rapidity. As you have a media, a form of communication, it would only of necessity be a matter of days or weeks in transformation, if the energies charged into it were the highest. Your planet Earth is on a verge of transformation into a vehicle of lightness, and it is possible in a short period of time for that to come to pass.

+ Energies of thought-forms are more devastating than nuclear warheads, for in your time now and in your future time energies are being refined, and thought is the controlling factor.

+ It is the first time upon your planet Earth that it has been populated by so many, that there has been a form of communication in which all know information instantaneously, and it is the first time for generations that there are so many beings encapsulated in negative thinking - but also the first time that there are so many who exist in service to planet Earth, working in diligence to stop destruction and to permit planet Earth's evolution as it could have been in the past.

+ Only people can change people [that is, 'cosmic beings' cannot].

+ There are differences in all nations, and it is that mosaic that creates your planet Earth. In each nation there must be understanding without condemnation of others - that is an important achievement to make.

+ The destruction of one nation is in reality the destruction of all others and the beginning of all destruction - the destruction of vital elements upon your planet affects all.

+ It is now time to understand that you must not flagellate yourself when you make an error, but move beyond it, and remove and peel off that shell and let another light of yourself come through.

+ Believing that darkness rules you is an escape from responsibility. Do you understand that if awakening comes in its own time there will be total destruction, and if it comes with acceleration then the world can be saved?

+ We understand that planet Earth in its density, in its stick-to-ness of the past and in the negative energies of humankind, has elements within that bonds it, binds it and creates areas that are difficult to release. But when we say to you of purity of motive and of heart, we expect not saintliness, for that is not useful. To be over-perfected is also to be out of balance, for you live in a physical world. We mean only that your motivation be purely for the betterment of humankind.

+ It is a time of great change and forwardness and preparation. The manifestation of your love and purpose and energy for planet Earth is as a great magnification that spreads outward and touches all. You have upon your planet five billion. Each one makes a difference.

+ Humankind has been locked up in the need for struggle. When it is understood that when there is freedom from want, freedom of time, imagine all that exists on your planet that billions have not yet experienced! You will have the experience of joy of being. What you call 'peak experience' will be a way of life. Just begin, and the rest will come.

+ When resolution is brought into being, then other pockets of dissension will also be in resolution.

+ In each of your cultures, what is important is to understand that each of you is a complete unit, containing all that is contained within the universe, and that each of you has the ability to change the necessary arenas to bring planet Earth out of darkness into its rightful place. In your culture you believe humbleness to be humility - it is time to understand that it is now permitted to accept yourself.

Some insights

+ Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom comes from within and cannot be taught, and the person that is wise does not say they are wise. One who is wise detaches, steps back, observes, and knows when to go forward without the ego of exploitation.

+ What you call 'God' could not have survived without being able to laugh at itself!

+ The difficulty is that you humans do not enjoy the thought that you can be part of each other.

+ Humankind was not created for suffering. Humankind was not created for disease or destruction. Humankind was created for the joy and glory of the Creator, who in truth is humankind.

+ Each soul in the universe must live upon planet Earth at least once, to experience the balance between physical and spiritual. Each being exists upon planet Earth, and each is a total individuality, containing the energy of a living star. It is the light of your soul. This is a path of happiness, for when you find the essence within yourself, then fear, which creates conflict, cannot completely control you.

+ This is your planet, and you have not come here in error.

+ It is important that you do not give your free will away - you do it when you permit yourself to lose control of yourself, whether it be with the ingestion of addictive substances, or in anger, or other things. You are always responsible - that cannot be removed.

+ Permit your soul to show you the way.
+ Forgiveness comes from you when there is true recognition of what has happened.
+ If someone or something hurts you, it is your ego that hurts you.

+ There is but one law of perfection. There are no complexities - it is a very simple law: treat each and every soul, every animal and every plant as you would wish them to treat you.

+ There is not one that is better than the other. Amongst all that exist on planet Earth there is none which is in truth more superior or less equal.

+ All people have feelings, and feel everything as much as others, even if they seem not to.
+ Neither a man nor a woman can set a rule and say "This is the way it has to be".


+ Your mind can bring things into existence, if it has the knowledge of how to do this, but it can also unconsciously bring into existence many things that you do not have the desire to have.

+ If there were thirty-six with one mind, focused together, then the entire world, even the universe may be changed. If there be twelve on the planet Earth with one mind, with the power of concentration, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

+ Enlightenment is what you are. Enlightenment is constant reaching, constant searching, constant consideration of whatever needs to be removed or modified or purified, but with total acceptance of yourself. Also acceptance that, since you are part of divinity, anything you desire you may accomplish if it is for the betterment of the universe. To have understanding that you are responsible for a portion of the universe, to have understanding that it is your love that has created us, that sustains us and that feeds us - this is enlightenment. To have mastered all of the physical, it is necessary to master all of the physical with involvement, not with detachment from those that suffer.

+ There is the greatest power in clear thought. It is as close to supreme power that a soul on a human level may have.

+ When you are in a state of meditation your power is tenfold.

+ You are not an island alone - you are part of a whole.

+ All the souls that have existed and now exist at this time, and those that are in the spirit world surrounding this Earth, have had their time. It is their selfishness, it is their egos, their self-pity, their physical desires that they refuse to relinquish. If we would permit this, this planet would plunge into darkness and it would take the greatest portion of the universe with it. We have given this planet more than sufficient time. In truth we have given to this planet and those that exist upon it more time than we have given the souls on other planets. We cannot give more time. The time that we have given has not been used in a productive manner, but to feed egos again.

Changing the world

+ It is not possible for any people on planet Earth to escape responsibility for planet Earth, in order to do what they say they must do. It is not possible for them to be of any service if they look after their own interests only. It is only when there is a denial of the existence of the spirit that you may then walk away from your responsibility.

+ People on your planet do say they would make a commitment to save this planet, but few want to give up themselves or to lose their individuality.

+ People expect us to perform miracles for them. We can only do so much. We need your physical energy and your minds on your planet.

+ Your commitment, if it is true commitment, will bring the song of the universe within you. It will cause you to walk in a light of love and to walk in lightness.

+ You are not special, though in truth you are. But this does not remove responsibility from you or give you special accounts in the physical world. There is no way that you can help others if you do not understand the joys, fears, sadness, despairs, loves and angers of the peoples that exist in the physical world.

+ What is past is past, and what is coming in the future does not make a difference at this moment. It is this moment in time which makes the difference. Each moment is a rebirth.

+ When humankind evolves and planet Earth is able to fulfil all that it was created for, then you release all the other civilisations in the universe, for them also to be in choice. Do you understand the importance of this?

+ Those of you who have visualised acceleration have begun the acceleration. What you must completely and totally understand is your power. When you negate your power, your ability to bring change, then you negate the universe and who you are - and you negate us. So what has begun is the dedication to begin the process, so it is like a giant cannon that shoots out its bolt, and it is going in great rapidity. Now we do not wish it to fall to Earth too quickly. But it must continue.

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