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Photography by Palden Jenkins


When I was young I was a brilliant nature photographer but I later dropped it in favour of other activities. When I became a webmaster in the 1990s, I developed a need for photographs to enhance websites I ran, finding that many photographers were not taking the kinds of photos I needed.

So I came back to photography in the digital age, specialising in photos for screen use, chronicling projects and making comprehensive photo collections of areas where I spend time, and working with making scintillating photos for websites. This time, as well as nature and landscapes, I've been capturing people.

Photography is a matter of perception, seeing, not just about taking shots with a bundle of technology. Today, lots of people have cameras, but there still aren't so many really good photographers.

The Yorkshire Dales, UK

I have a perceptive eye and a gift for turning a normal scene into an excellent shot. I'm good at systematically photographing geographical areas, particular themes and operational projects, for use online, in print and for PR.

The future of Palestine

I prefer taking sets and series of photos, not individual shots - check out my photo library to see what I mean.

I also do photoshoots of individuals for their use in social networking, PR or personal records, often delivering them 50 or more photos in different settings and moods.

With people, I'm most interested in letting a person's soul shine out and in catching their thoughts and expressions. A photo without an implicit thought-bubble has little interest-value to it, in my assessment.

I'm good at treating photos to optimise them - enhancing vividness, eliminating wires and other photo-spoilers, making a moderately good photo into a good one and preparing them for online use.

In the Tunisian desert with the Bedouin

If you run a project which needs photographic documentation for use on websites, in PR material or as an archive, then I can provide a full series of photos for you to draw from, for multiple uses. I have photographed conferences, tours and events, outdoor projects, life in organisations, street-scenes, politically-sensitive scenes (photojournalism) and landscapes and animals.

With my Palestine photos I have assembled a collection which seeks to de-stereotype Palestinians and counterbalance the partial impressions people have gained through the media. They show ordinary life and demonstrate that Palestinians are ordinary people just like us.

The Hurlers stone circle, Cornwall


On commissions I usually charge an agreed sum for the whole project. I deliver photos in three formats: originals, hi-res formats for print and lower-res pics for online use, as JPGs unless otherwise requested. I can prepare images for direct upload to websites.

If commissioned, full copyright permission for use in any context lies with the person or organisation commissioning the photos. Otherwise, for photos drawn from my extensive collection, I charge for each photo or bundle of photos by negotiation, and copyright remains with me. A guideline charge for commercial usage is 50 GBP per photo.

Mirror shot of Palden, taken in Jerusalem

Charges differ for commercial usage, small businesses and charitable organisations. For good causes and people that I like or support I am willing to consider doing it for free or for expenses, or as an exchange - discuss it with me.


My biggest and most comprehensive collections cover Palestine, Glastonbury, Cornwall, natural scenes, wildlife and street scenes. I also have pictures from Jordan, Sweden, Tunisia and around England and Wales.

Take a look through my photogalleries and other parts of this site for lots of photos. To contact me about use of my photos or commissioning a series of photos, please e-mail me.

Palden Jenkins, Botrea Farm, Newbridge, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 8PP, UK.  E-mail.

Conference, Glastonbury Symposium
Foxglove and bee, Treviscoe, Cornwall
The late Hamish Miller
Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfalls, frozen, Wales
Peregrine, Carn les Boel, Cornwall
The Citadel, Amman, Jordan
Bedouin gentlemen, Hebron, Palestine
Old City, Jerusalem
Godrevy island, Cornwall
Rock flowers, Carn les Boel, Cornwall
Falmouth, Cornwall

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All photos on this page by Palden Jenkins, except the top-right one of Palden taken by a friend of mine
© Photos copyright Palden Jenkins 2005-2015. Use not allowed without permission.
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