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Radio programmes 2007-8

This was the
Light Programme

A radio series of 25 three-hour programmes produced in 2007-2008
Three hours of knowledge, inspiration and insight from Glastonbury and its many original thinkers
with Palden Jenkins and his weekly guests
and Sir Tulki Joe Jenkins (then 11) at the controls

This is the Light Programme went out each week on Glastonbury Radio, July 2007-July 2008.

All my life, I have been dedicated to originating and spreading new ideas and to 'perceptual healing' - helping people see and understand what's going on in an open, non-ideological, insightful way, and healing  mental-emotional damage caused by education, media, 'received wisdom' and conditioning. This radio series is a further expression of this work.
Throughout the series we covered a wide range of deep and broad ideas, which you'll see below. You can download five programmes here, in the form of MP3 files. Each is in two parts, each roughly one hour long.

The Middle East | Part One | Part Two |
With Collette Barnard and Tom Clark. About peace-building, Collette's experiences in the Iranian Revolution and Tom's experiences with Israel-Palestine and dialoguing with terrorists. With insights from Palden on the state of the world.

Shamanism, Ecology and Climate Change  | Part One | Part Two |
With Peter Taylor. Peter, a 'critical scientist' with spiritual leanings, tells about heart-centred environmentalism, re-wilding the landscape and his research into the solar causes of climate change. He suggests that while a lot has to change in human behaviour and global pollution, climate change only partially arises from human activity - the rest has much to do with magnetic fields.

Britain's History  | Part One | Part Two |
Palden Jenkins brings you a short history of Britain, tracing six thousand years of the saga of this funny island stuck out in the ocean off the end of Eurasia. A new and different perception of this rather historic and spunky little country.

Prehistory, Ancient Sites and The Fall of Humanity
With Bruce Garrard and Sig Lonegren. Palden talks about the rise of early societies, Sig talks about geomancy, labyrinths and the dowsing of ancient sites, and Bruce talks about his research into climate change and the transitional times around 6-7,000 years ago. All about climate change, the rise of villages, war and agriculture, the 'Fall', the transition from 'matrist' to 'patrist' societies - and the relevance of all this to today.

Consciousness and Conscience
Palden shares his thoughts on the current state of the world and the global collective psychology that lies behind it. All about the need for actual world change and the role of collective guilt in blocking it, as well as the role of conscience and awareness in catalysing change. Including some light shed on worldwide meditative linkups such as 'Fire the Grid', with reference's to the Hundredth Monkey Project that Palden ran in the 1990s.

Crop Formations   | Part One | Part Two |
With croppies Janet Ossebaard from Holland and Rod Bearcloud, a native American from Sedona AZ, both visiting the Glastonbury Symposium, a crop circle conference in progress that weekend. Janet, Rod and Palden discuss the deeper significance of crop circles as a medium of contact with higher intelligences. About energy-fields, paranormal phenomena, the star nation people and funny things going on in the fields of England.

The Musical Muse
With rock musician John Cartwright and classical musicologist Tim Shuker. John and Tim discuss, with musical examples, what makes music captivate and 'transport' people, and its deeper mood-altering effects and entrancing aspects. This programme penetrates into the magic and psychological aspect of music - with lots of useful snippets thrown in.

The Iraq Conflict and History of Iraq

With Palden Jenkins. This programme reviews the deeper issues involved in the Iraq conflict - what's usually not addressed in the media - and also the historical origins of many of the atrocities and injustices we see today in Iraq, going back into the history of Sumer, Babylon and the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad.

Brean Down and The National Interest

Two sections. First, the magic of Brean Down, a sacred site on the coast of Somerset, with insights into the history of the Somerset Levels and Glastonbury. Second: What is the real national interest? About the collective psychology of nations, their conscious and unconscious behaviour and the effect of all this on international relations and progress toward change on Planet Earth.

Bardism and the Goodwill Patterns
With special guest Dearbhaile Bradley, at the time the Chief Bard of Glastonbury. Dearbhaile tells about Bardism and being a Bard, and also about her experiences growing up in the conflict in Northern Ireland, and the Save Tara Campaign (Tara is one of Ireland's most significant sacred sites, through which a motorway is being built), and the Goodwill Patterns (a way of resolving personal and social conflict), and she reads some of her inspired poetry - after all, she's Chief Bard!

The Mysteries of Glastonbury Abbey

With local researchers Mano Warren and Jon Cousins, about the death of Richard Whiting, the last abbot of Glastonbury, and the Jesus traditions at Glastonbury - with some startling theories and conclusions which connect the former with the latter. This is potentially very important stuff, about far more than Glastonbury Abbey, and it's well worth a listen.

Life in the Hot Seat
Palden welcomes two good friends, the former mayor of Glastonbury, Nick Cottle, and the former selectman (mayor) of Greensboro, Vermont, USA, Sig Lonegren, to share their thoughts and experiences about democracy, taking a public role and representing the will of the people. About the joys, sorrows, pressures and issues of being elected to be in control.

Israel and Palestine
This week, it's Palden solo, sharing insights into the key conflict of  the Middle East - about the soul of Israel, Muslim extremism, the role of the West, the deeper intricacies of this sixty-year conflict, some observations you don't see in the media, and some possible solutions. Palden's Palestine pictures here.

Past Lives
Palden talks about life, death and his own experiences with past lives and dying people. Then he welcomes Atasha MacMillan, a regressionist, to talk about past life regression, what happens when you do it and what benefits and results come up.

Astrological Cycles in History
Palden talks about a pet subject he has researched for twenty years - longterm cycles in history and their relationship with the slower-moving planets. Insights into the background psychology and hidden forces in history, with reference to Palden's Historical Ephemeris (available online).</P>

Making Friends with the Goddess
Paldywan talks with Kathy Jones, a right Glastonbury character, old friend and leading advocate for the Goddess. She's the organiser of the Goddess Conference and leads the Priestess of Avalon trainings, but she's also recently visited Tibet, and she's a healer and cancer-recoverer too.

Gardening for the Spirit
We meet Ark Redwood, chief gardener at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, who will be sharing his experiences and insights into nature, growing things, sustainability and other ruminations. Ark is a really interesting greenfingers who makes Bob Flowerdew look like a right-winger!

Transition Towns
With three members of Glastonbury's Transition Town team, talking with Palden about the future and what we can do about it. This is a really exciting, growing movement which explores and promotes practical ways towns can change to meet climate change and emerging conditions in the 21st Century. If you want your town to survive the coming times, you might try listening to this.

With William Bloom, a well-known spiritual teacher and holistic campaigner from Glastonbury. Here we're talking about independent spirituality and its place in society, William's campaign to have it registered in the 2011 UK Census, and the role of spirituality in modern society and solving the problems of the 21st Century.

All about Jesus (Christmas programme)
Palden throws new light on Jesus, talking about his life and travels. Then there's a really interesting interview with Glastonbury's then recently-retired vicar Rev Maxine Marsh about Jesus and what his life means for us now. It covers what Maxine's own perceptions of Jesus, 'speaking in tongues', presence in the moment, Mary Magdalene, women priests in the church, the death of Christianity and what it's like being a vicar. Next, Palden brings us past-life information from someone who knew Jesus and saw the Star of Bethlehem, and talks about life today in Bethlehem and the Holy Land.

The Secret Meaning of Our Times
A programme made up of one of Palden's public talks in 2007, about the hidden significance of world events, and how the future is now becoming more of a cause of the present than the past -and the usual wide-ranging bundle of many connected themes that he customarily comes up with.

Wandering Worlds
A three-part programme featuring Gudrun Pelham, an interesting lady in her eighties (now deceased), telling her life story in India, Sweden and Britain, then an interview with a Tibetan Lama visiting Glastonbury about his school in Nepal, together with thoughts from Palden on the nature of reality and the world situation.

The Archive of Palden Jenkins

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