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Websites for interesting people and good causes


Websites with spirit, colour and personality.
Hand-made, atmospheric, user-friendly, well-presented.

Design, editing, photography, outreach support and hand-holding.

For interesting people, projects and organisations
with unique ideas and offerings,
or a message you want to get just right.

A website custom-built by me is thoughtfully designed, nicely presented, lively, clear, nuanced and well-worded, speaking to the heart and soul of your web-visitors.

Since 1996 I have made sites for:

  • good causes, humanitarian and charitable projects

  • people with niche-market services and products

  • small publishers, artists and craftspeople

  • conferences and events

  • holiday accommodation

  • towns, villages and beauty spots

  • healers, teachers and counsellors

  • archives of well-known creative people, now deceased


Sites with atmosphere, well-honed text, scintillating pictures, clear presentation and a colourful, friendly feeling. Unique, tailor-made and subtly done, with a high interest-value, easy navigation and an uplifting look-and-feel.

You can either have a site built and run by me (HTML5), or I can set up a Wordpress site for you, which you can maintain up to the level you feel confident (and I do the rest).

What I do not do: I am a communicator. I get through to people. So I don't do boring corporate-style sites, complex online shops or booking systems. I don't do technically complex stuff, fix code or content-managed sites.

Content-creation and web-editing

I compile interesting website content and edit, hone and write text material for sites.
Many webmasters are technically adept but less good at crafting words or skillfully getting your message across. I'm happy collaborating with you, if you write the material and then I improve and polish it.

Photography for websites

I do photography for use on websites - decorative photos and specific ones.
Usually I do this as a package, delivering a full collection of photos for use on a website and in other PR material. If I'm doing a site for you, I'll do the photography for it, if you need that.

Advice and handholding

I can help you structure your thoughts and make decisions, help you clarify your ideas and make suggestions.
If building a site or a blog yourself I can start it off for you and handhold you through it, then leave the rest to you, providing backup when requested.

More details

Send me an e-mail or arrange a Skype call to talk things through.

I'll need to know what you're seeking, what your site's objectives will be, how you visualise it, what your audience or client base is, and your timetable and your budget. I can then respond with ideas.

Sometimes I'll ask how much you want to spend, then pitch my quotation and input on that figure. Sometimes I offer two or three options with differing prices or terms.

I'll tell you about my availability, ask questions and make suggestions. If I believe you might do better with someone else, or that I could handhold or assist you while you do your site yourself, I shall suggest that.

Sometimes I am willing to do energy-exchanges or energy/money deals in the case of sites for good causes.


Usually I quote for the whole job or for one year.

Here are a few tips for keeping the price down:

  • keep things simple and straightforward;

  • deliver text, instructions and materials well-prepared, on time, in simple bundles and as we agree beforehand;

  • if things are complex, involving lots of dialogue, questions, complexities and delays, my price rises;

  • please keep to agreed timings and don't expect me to deliver overnight if you're running late!

Usually I ask for a down-payment of 30-40% of the agreed price at the beginning, followed by instalments paid monthly or as discussed.

Price guidelines: a typical 10-20ish page site is generally in the 400-600
GBP range, and larger and more complex sites cost more. If you want me to create a Wordpress site that you can maintain, my price is more like £200-300.  

It depends on what's involved and what kind of site it is. It depends also on the condition of the working material you gie me and whether extra advisory, photographic, copywriting and editorial inputs are needed.


It may sound strange to say this, but don't expect a website to appear without providing material!  
This means text, pictures and clear instructions, plus a willingness to focus and do your 'homework' during the construction phase.

Usually, I require you to send me materials as text in MSWord files or e-mails. It should be finalised and clearly arranged. I will cast an editorial eye over it and improve it or make suggestions, as necessary. Picture originals should be in formats such as JPG, GIF, PSD, PNG, etc. If you don't know what this means, I shall explain.


I can create a site only when we have made our agreement and after I have received most of the working material from you. Then it will take from two weeks to two months, depending on what's involved and my availability. Express service usually involves an increased fee.

Current sites worth seeing:
Possibilities 2050 - a resource website

Ancient Penwith - prehistoric sites
Miriam Naccache - healer
Glastonbury Symposium - conference
Vital Signs Publishing - book publisher
Pictures of Palestine - book and resource site
Wendy Bratherton - therapist
Power Points in Time - book
From Cairo to Perugia - book
Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury - map site

Parallel Community

Glastonbury Symposium

Miriam Naccache

If you like what you read here, send me an initial enquiry e-mail and we'll go on from there.

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The background picture on this page was taken near Kvikkjokk in Swedish Lappland.

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