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This site is in two parts.
Starting on this page is an introduction to the book Pictures of Palestine.
One of a trilogy. There's also Blogging in Bethlehem and O Little Town of Bethlehem (get them all here).
Or click Palestine for a brief illustrated guide to the West Bank.

Pictures of Palestine is a readable book about Palestine with maps and lots of photos. It's all about the author's experiences in the West Bank.

It gives a glimpse into the real life of Palestinians – a people with a land and no nation, a people tired of fighting who seek a brighter future. They have surprising lessons to teach the world.

It’s a story of children, shopkeepers and taxi-drivers, rabbis, Bedouin and peacemakers, soldiers, politicians and scraggy cats.

In the midst of all this, Hope Flowers, a remarkable school and community education centre dedicated to healing the wounds of conflict and rebuilding society.

This bundle of impressions and photographs reveals the author's personal journey in the Middle East and gives rich insights into Palestine’s current situation and complex history.

It suggests some perceptive solutions to the ongoing struggle and political stalemate, hinting of a time when Arabs and Israelis will sit together wondering why this nightmare ever happened.

Click to see a 9-min movie about the book
The Palestine story has not been properly told. News about it has been confusing and tainted with stereotypes and propaganda, partially unintended and partially deliberate. This has gone on for decades, leading many people worldwide to give up trying to understand it. Thus, the People of Palestine have been marginalised.

Pictures of Palestine seeks to rectify this, helping readers understand this multi-faceted, intense situation in a real-life way.

The book is based on the author's 2009 blog, telling the story of his three-month stay and what happened while he was there.

The author has now uploaded two further adapted Palestine blogs, continuing the story in 2011-12, called Blogging in Bethlehem and O Little Town of Bethlehem, available free to download as PDF files.

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